Burlington – New York Bus & Train Ticket Guide

Burlington to New York bus and train info:

The distance between Burlington and NYC is approximately 304 miles, and the two can be traveled to using bus or train.  Head from your ski trip in Vermont to a weekend of shopping and nightlife in New York City!

Burlington - New York Bus & Train Cheap Tickets

Burlington – New York Bus & Train Ticket Guide

Ways to Travel:

  • Greyhound – As low as $57 One Way
  • From NYC To Boston, Boston to Burlington: Peter Pan Bus, Megabus or Boltbus from NYC to Boston ($15); the a Greyhound to Burlington
  • Amtrak – Boston to Burlington ($69)

Burlington, one of the most beautiful cities in the Northeast, is home to skiing and wonderful scenery.  The town has an amazing and eclectic variety of people, places, dining experiences, and especially music.  Known for its art and cultural distinguishability, there is no better place in the Northeast to experience both beauty and activity like the green hills of Burlington, Vermont.

New York City, arguably the best city in the world, is almost impossible to compete with.  Rich with amazing art and culture, as well as incomparable dining options and nightlife, the city is the most populous in the nation.  From ballet, to Broadway, to the wonders of Time Square and Central Park, New York City has everything!

Things to do in Burlington:

  • Church Street Marketplace - great array of shopping, cafes, and awesome restaurants.
  • Burlington Bike Path - check out the cool scenery of Vermont while getting some exercise before a night out on the town.

Things to do in New York City:

  • FAO Shwartz – check out one of the biggest toy stores in the country.
  • 21 Club - splurge on a dinner date at one of the finest, historic restaurants in the city. Be sure to check the dress code!

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  1. Wanderu

    Actually the closest will be in Montpellier, VT which should save you some travel time compared to Burlington. The station is located at Rhapsody Natural Foods and Café – located at 28 Main St. Hope that helps!

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