Greyhound Bus

Phone number: 1 (800) 231-2222

Greyhound is the largest national bus transportation service, serving all 48 continental states and DC. Having just recently celebrated their 100th birthday in 2014, Greyhound is also one of the longest operating carriers on the road. Greyhound buses offer free wifi and outlets on most of the newer buses which are labeled as Greyhound Express. Greyhound has frequent departures making it convenient for everyone’s schedules and can easily be booked on

Does Greyhound refund or exchange bus tickets?
Refund bus tickets:Sometimes
Is there any fee for the refund:$20.00 fee
Exchange bus ticket:yes
How many hours ahead of time should the exchange be done:0
Is there any fee for the exchange:$20 fee

greyhound busMost popular greyhound routes:
Boston to Montreal,
New York to Montreal,
Boston to New York,
DC to New York.

Greyhound features and additional info
Checked bags:1Carry On bags:1
Can tickets be purchased online?Yes
If yes, does the ticket have to be printed?Yes
Does Greyhound allow pets on their buses?No
Does Greyhound allow pets on their buses?Please help us find out if bicycles are allowed on Greyhound. Email us now if you know.


Does Greyhound have any discounts for students, children, or seniors?
Children:YesUntil age:11
Seniors:YesFrom age:65
See also Greyhound promo code and $1 ticket information.

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