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COVID-19 Travel Guide At Wanderu, we want to make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to plan a safe trip. That’s why we are keeping track …

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Mount Rainier

The Best Vacation Destinations in Washington State

From the fantastic coastline to awe-inspiring mountain ranges, you’ll find a dream getaway in Washington State. Pack your rain jacket and plan a trip to one of Washington’s best destinations.

The Grand Canyon

The Best Vacation Destinations in Arizona

Arizona’s unique desert climate makes it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. We dug out the best Arizona destinations that you should consider for an unforgettable vacation.

Texas Feature Crop (1)

The Best Vacation Destinations in Texas

The Texas motto is friendship and locals stand by this. So, if you’re looking to vacation in one of the nation’s friendliest states, these are the destinations you should consider.

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Hotels vs. Airbnb in a Covid-19 World: Which is Cheaper?

We analyzed pricing data to answer the question that’s on every current traveler’s mind: is a hotel or an Airbnb cheaper during Covid?

Photo of an Amtrak train in the spring time.

How to Take a Loop of the Entire U.S. by Train

Travel 6,586 miles in one giant Amtrak circle of the United States — from New York to New Orleans, L.A., Seattle and Chicago — for less than $1,000.