Boston to Washington DC Bus Trip – National Mall: Part 3

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My favorite part about Boston to Washington DC bus trip is that almost all the museums and attractions are free!

Lincoln Memorial Washington Dc Bus

Lincoln Memorial

The Smithsonian institution owns over 20 famous museums and memorials such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Natural History Museum, and there are many other free museums scattered around Washington DC as well. To check out how we got to Washington DC from Boston check out Part 1 linked below and the Boston to Washington, DC Bus & Train Travel Guide.

Washington DC National Mall Bus Train

The National Mall app conveniently points out the locations of the museums and attractions

This is a Washington DC museum map from the National Mall app. You can see that a number of large museums within the National Mall area are wrapped around by the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument on the west side, the Capitol building and the Library of Congress in the east, the White house in the north, and the Thomas Jefferson memorial in the South. The best way to visit is to walk area by area since attractions are packed in certain spots. Most of the museums open every day of the week from 10am to 5:30 pm. We took a pretty efficient route and it worked out very well. This much free sight seeing on the National Mall it is worth the Boston to Washington DC bus trip.

Day I -  The East side.

10 am: Capitol Building

Washington DC Capitol Bus Train

It takes practice to take a panoramic picture.

Get off at Capitol South Metro station on the blue metro line. After seeing the building, walk around to see the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial and pass by the Union Square and the Reflection Pool. If you feel like walking around even more, go north of the Ulysses S. Grant’s statue to see the Peace Monument and come back South to see the Garfield Statue.
11 am: Botanic GardenWashington DC Botanic Gardens Bus Train

The highlight of the Botanic Garden trip is these fly traps!

 The garden is adjacent to the Capitol Building and is certainly a beautiful walk. Don’t worry about being exposed to the sun. The most of the garden is kept in a huge green house and is equipped with energy efficient air-conditioning that keeps the temperature cool and comfortable.

12 pm: Air and Space Museum

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Bus Train

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is the biggest museum in the world. The place is full of real size planes, and missiles!

Simply keep walking east from the Botanic Garden. Swing by the American Indian Museum if you are interested. Since we booked an IMAX movie ticket, we had to hurry to the Air and Space Museum quickly. Most of the people buy lunch from street vendors on the way and so did we. Make sure you finish your meal before entering the museum since no food or drink besides water are allowed. Where is the bus and train museum in Washington DC though?

I would allocate 2 – 3 hours to the Air and Space Museum because there are a lot to see.

3:00 – 5:00 pm Natural History Museum

Rumor has it that the Hope Diamond is “cursed”. Every owner of this diamond either died shortly after the purchase or suffered deaths of their loved ones.










For fans of gigantic dinosaur bones and the “cursed” Hope Diamond shouldn’t miss the Natural History Museum! So much to do the on the National Mall.

5:00pm -5:30 pm Smithsonian Castle

The Smithsonian Castle has some exhibitions in side, but the place itself is not that big.


To end the day on a relaxing note, swing by the Smithsonian Castle to take some pictures and casually browse their exhibitions in the Castle. Go see the Freer Gallery of Art if you are interested in art.

6:00pm – Little Ebitt’s Grill

The crab cake is full of crab meat!


After a day’s walking, one should reward themselves with some fine D.C. dining. I was fortunate enough to avoid the tourist traps and find this fantastic place near the white house. The restaurant is very classy; the food is delicious, and reasonably priced. You can take the blue line Metro from the Smithsonian station for 2 stops to the Metro Center and walk a few minutes to this delightful restaurant on 675 15th Street Northwest  Washington, DC 20005. We followed the popular suggestions on Yelp and ordered half a dozen oysters, fried calamari, single jumbo lump crab cake, Cannelloni di Casa  and paid only $60 or so total. The meal was absolutely delicious: the calamari comes out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside; the deep-sea oysters are fresh and meaty, and crab cake is full of crab meat, and my friend said Cannelloni di Casa is the best Italian dish he had in a while. Not much time left in Washington DC, check in tomorrow for the trip back.

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