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NYC Activities: Must-do’s in the City That Never Sleeps!

The long week has got you feeling sluggish and you’re looking at the weekend to pick you up. What’s better than taking a weekend trip to the city that never sleeps, the big apple, the (some may argue) greatest city in the world – New York City! I mean, if Frank Sinatra sings about it, it’s gotta be true, right? See for yourself and have fun with all these NYC activities.

So now you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, I’ve already seen Time Square, Statue of Liberty, and the MET.” This may be true, you haven’t had a taste of the authentic New York like this. Live life of a Manhattanite with this list of must-do’s!

Warning: I hope you’re hungry because you’ll be eating your way from uptown to downtown with this mouthwatering list of NYC activities!

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Shuttle from San Diego to LAX Guide

Wanderu helps you take a bus / shuttle from San Diego to LAX or Los Angeles international Airport by providing you step-by-step instructions the entire way. See also how to take a bus from Bakersfield to LAX.

Step 1 of the trip by bus / shuttle from San Diego to LAX:

Search bus and train travel on Find and book a great deal on a bus or train leaving from San Diego to Los Angeles from $12. You’ll leave San Diego from the San Diego Greyhound Station and arrive at the Los Angeles Greyhound Station, both of which are conveniently listed on Wanderu.

Step 2 of the trip by bus / shuttle from San Diego to LAX:

Once you’ve taken the Greyhound bus to Los Angeles, the final step in your bus from San Diego to LAX ride is to take either a Supper Shuttle bus from the Greyhound Station directly to the Los Angeles International Airport or take a cab to Union Station and then a Flyaway bus to the airport.

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Travel to New York and Explore the Nearby Surroundings

Want to travel to New York but don’t know what to do exactly? Of course, it’s New York and odds are there is something, somewhere, where you can find your next adventure. But, there’s also a lot outside the big apple that may just shake up your curiosity a bit. You don’t necessarily have to plan out an extensive trip; there are day trips that can have you there and back within the same day. Check out some of these places and let Wanderu help you plan out your next trip to New York.

Travel to New York by bus or train from Boston, DC, or Baltimore and while you’re there, also visit:

Atlantic City, NJ

Travel to New York

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Badger Bus Schedule Guide

Badger BusBadger Bus Schedule is a midwest bus company that services the Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI areas. The Badger Bus Schedule boasts trips from Madison to Milwaukee everyday of the year. To supplement this core service, Badger Bus schedules also include multiple “college connection” services on the weekend. The “college connection” sends buses to many of the big universities in the area, including University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minneapolis etc.

***Badger Bus is live on Buy your tickets today!***

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Yo Bus coupon code and how to claim it!

Yo! bus provides non-stop Chinatown bus service between Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Since its affiliation with Greyhound in 2013, it has been serving the Chinatown community, and the low-fare enthusiast attempting to travel the most inexpensive way possible. Though they boast cheap fares, travelers still find themselves scouring the internet attempting to search for a Yo Bus coupon code. To many, the disappoint comes when they find out there isn’t a viable promo code you can search for. But I’ll explain how you can find the cheapest fares possible without the hassle. Yo Bus coupon code The secret to getting the  best prices possible is to search in advance! Continue reading