Cheap bus tickets starting at $1 – In 3 Easy Steps.

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Wanderu ground travel search compares all of the best bus companies to find you the cheapest tickets. Search Greyhound, Megabus, Boltbus and many more.

UPDATE May 9th, 2014: Read more about bus travel in this new bus ticket prices article.

How do you travel more and pay way less?

Cheap Bus Tickets

Cheap Bus Tickets – 3 Easy Steps

1.  Travel at off-peak times

Travel at off peak times to get cheap bus tickets, but what exactly are off-peak times? I congregated Megabus’ one week ticket pricing from Aug 18 2012 Saturday to Aug 24 Friday outbound trip from Albany, New York to New York City. Megabus’ ticket prices are usually cheap compared to other companies and the variation in price doesn’t seem to be a lot. Their price schedule is a great example for us to analyze for the best time to book cheap bus tickets.

Cheap Bus Tickets

Megabus best times for cheap bus tickets

You will notice many pricing trends here but I will briefly summarize them for you:

  • Don’t travel on Sunday afternoon!

The afternoon before the workday starts is a very popular time for travelers and a bad time for landing a cheap bus ticket. Many people travel short distances over the weekend and go back to the city on Sunday afternoon. If you want to save money, travel a little earlier on Sunday and pick a late morning cheap bus.

  • Morning hour commute tickets always cost more! 

Travel before 10 am and earlier on work days usually yields the most expensive ticket results. Avoid the commuting hype and pick a later ticket. It allows you to bypass the crowd and at the same time offers best bus ticket deals.

  • Travel tides die down during mid-week.

Wednesday and Thursdays are usually the off peak times and I bet that you will get some cheap bus tickets.

2.   Keep an eye on the $1 tickets

Many bus companies offer special tickets whether its Megabus, Boltbus or others. For example, Megabus has special $1 bus tickets. Check out this post to find these $1 Megabus tickets and Megabus promo code. The routes they offer are as follows:

Companies including Megabus offer limited quantities of $1 ticket as well. You can even find cheap bus tickets on the West Coast now in Seattle and Portland through Boltbus deals.

3.   Use an integrated bus search engine to find the cheapest ticket in one place is a travel booking site that integrates all bus and train ticket information. With a few clicks, people can compare all bus tickets across companies and book the cheapest ticket. Wanderu’s routes and networks are spread out all over the United States and allow people to book tickets for traveling between any two points in the country. Sign up for Wanderu private beta to get first access to travel savings so you can snag the best cheap bus tickets. Check out their Wanderu Bus Travel News to keep updated on bus deals and destination travel guides. Want cheap tickets here is a guide for  Boston to New York bus trips.

17 thoughts on “Cheap bus tickets starting at $1 – In 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Kisha

    I am trying to find a cheap bus ticket(need pricing for both one way and roundtrip), from Newark, DE to Greenville, NC.

  2. quanna

    Looking for ticket from Philadelphia,pa to Charlotte,NC for one adult and two children

  3. malena

    looking for bus other than greayhound to leave from port st lucie florida service plaza to new york please.

    thank you

  4. Polina R Post author

    Hi Charlotte!

    Contact us via email and we will be able to help you find the best trip.



  5. Polina R Post author

    Hi Renee,

    Contact us via email and we will be able to help you find the best trip.



  6. Renee Troutman

    Im looking for a cheapest fare from New Orleans, LA to Philadelphia 21 days from today May 19th..for 1 adult..both ways..can you help me out?

  7. Lorraine Curtiss

    I need to find bus tickets for one way from Minneapolis, MN to either Granite Falls, MN or Marshall, MN. Greyhound quoted $49.
    Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Lorraine K. Curtiss

  8. Ulysses S

    There are different companies that could take you from NYC to Charleston, if you are only looking for bus Greyhound offers a 20 hours long trip for $85 a person with the online purchase discount. Amtrak is another option that you might want to consider; it can take you to your destination in 13 hours for $261 dollars per person.
    Check for more information on their website :

  9. Patricia Richardson

    I’m look to book a reasonable price bus ticket for 2 person and one is a senior leaving from NYC and going to Charleston SC

  10. Wanderu

    Hi Gina,

    The cheapest service we could find for you round-trip was around $300 on greyhound, but they do have a couple of options for you trip wise depending on the time of day you want to leave. We also searched Megabus, but unfortunately, they have no services with direct travel from San Antonio to Las Vegas. Here’s the link below in case you want to check it out:

    Hope this helps!

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