Cheap bus tickets, the best holiday travel option – 7 reasons

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The Holidays are around the corner and its that time of the year to visit the family and loved ones; its an exciting time for many, but also it can bring lots of stress when it comes to making the travel arrangements, specially if it is a long distance trip. Many would book plane tickets right away and get over with it. But think again! Is it a plane the best way to travel? According to the website, NO, bus tickets are the way to go!!!

Cheap Bus Tickets Holidays

The website brings an article by author David DeFranza about seven different reasons why one should chose grab bus tickets instead of fly this year.

We all have had that feeling that every airplane trip is getting increasingly exhausting and time consuming given the constant delays, security checks and over crowed routes. What to do?

The 7 reasons buying a cheap bus tickets is better than heading to the airport:

  1. Cost – Although airfare price has dropped in the past decade, it is still not comparable to a cheap bus ticket. Especially, if you are able to find a $1 Megabus ticket that suits your travel plans!
  2. Coverage – A Bus ticket can virtually get you to almost any destination in the country, from big cities to small towns from coast to coast. Want a luxury bus in Florida, sure no problem! Planes can not make as many stop and reach as many towns as a bus.
  3. Time – It is true that a plane can go much faster than a bus, but when it come to getting from your location to your final destination, a bus might be the better choice , taking in consideration the time to get to the airport, layovers, connections, and delays. In NYC JFK is far and an expensive trip away while stops like Port Authority are right in the middle of the action.
  4. Reliability – Who has never had a flight canceled in consequence of weather conditions; who has never lost a connecting flight given the delay of the prior flight. Buses are much more reliable, are rarely canceled, and for most part, it always departs on time.
  5. Environmentally responsibility – According to the article, an airplane produces a much greater amount of CO2 and other pollutants then a bus does going the same distance.
  6. Free Wi-Fi – Majority of the buses companies already offer free Wi-Fi making the bus trips much more interesting and comfortable.
  7. Flexibility – When traveling by bus, the passenger has great flexibility when it comes to baggage quantity and weight, rescheduling and or transferring the ticket. Simple features that you cannot get as easily or cannot get it at all when traveling by plain.

So, think again about how you are going to approach your holiday travels this year, and come visit us at for the most simple and free of charge way of purchasing you bus tickets. Happy Holidays!! For the best advice on snagging cheap bus tickets check out Cheap Bus Tickets Guide.

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