Cheap bus travel – 5 Steps to save with bus travel

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Cheap bus travel is easy to find.  First of all, know that the farther ahead you want to book, the cheaper it will be.

When you know you are going to have to travel and you have time to plan ahead then you have time to check prices to see which way will be the cheapest.  Having done this before, I can tell you that nine times out of ten the cheapest way is by bus. Haven’t you heard about deals like Megabus $1 tickets.

Cheap Bus Travel

5 Steps to cheap bus travel:

  1. Know when and where you will be traveling.  Cheap bus travel is great, but only if the bus goes where you need it to. The benefit of buses is they stop right in the city center, choosing the right one can save a lot on taxi costs.
  2. Because bus travel takes longer than other modes of travel, be sure you have enough time to enjoy your trip. Though to some place like New York a bus has been known to be faster than flying and the taxi trip in to the city.
  3. Check all of the different bus lines because different companies go to and depart from different places. Unlike airports not all buses in a city arrive at the same place.
  4. When you find the companies that have the optimal origin and destinations, now you can compare dates and prices to ensure that you get the cheap bus travel prices that you desire. Many bus companies like Boltbus have demand driven pricing, if one company is expensive that day its competitor might have a deal waiting for you.
  5. Once you find the price and company you prefer, book your trip.  Some companies require you to pick up your bus tickets at the terminal, others like Greyhound Lines ask you to print the bus tickets at home, while the more tech savvy companies just ask for your confirmation email on your smartphone.

A new ground travel search makes find cheap bus travel even easier.

Finding cheap bus tickets is easier for potential passengers to find.  The Wanderu search that lets you compare bus tickets prices quickly and easily.  Of course Wanderu will not only find the cheapest bus tickets, but also the closest stations, how to get to and from the station and even combine more than one bus for you all in an instant.

Either way you book your bus trip, bus travel is an exciting way to see the country.  I would suggest though, that you pack snacks and make sure that all of your gadgets are full of some movies or show for the road.

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