Chocolate Bus, Express Bus Comeback and Bullet Train – News

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Here’s a round-up of popular, interesting and quirky (chocolate bus?) bus and train news stories from this past week, including breaking news from today. 

Bus riders and smellvertising

Marketers are increasingly using ‘smellvertising’, text message advertising, and other aggressive forms of advertising to target people who ride buses all over the world. For example, a campaign in Seoul South Korea sprayed a coffee smell on bus riders every time the Dunkin Donut jingle played. Is this form of advertising going too far?

bus stop advertising- bus and train news

Image Source: The Atlantic Cities 7/30/2012, Article by Nate Berg

Read more on The Atlantic 7/30/2012.

Chocolate Bus

After the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, the city’s chocolate bus handed out free chocolate and hot chocolate. This mobile chocolate café, based on the 1950s diner, is red double decker bus native of England, that was brought to New Zealand with the purpose of creating this sweet eatery.

Read more on USA Today.

Bus travel is making a large comeback

Read about the “bus renaissance” that has been led by companies such as Megabus, Bolt Bus and Greyhound Express, which feature modern buses (many are double decker) with amenities such as wifi service, power outlets and legroom that is more spacious than most economy air travel.


Bullied bus monitor retires

The bullied New York bus monitor, Karen Klein, became famous this month when a video of her being verbally abused by 7th-grade students went viral. Over $700,000 was raised for her cause. Klein has decided that it is time to retire from her three-year profession as a bus monitor, and states that this decision was not made due to the bullying incident.

Read more on the Wall Street Journal Online.

Environmental impact of California’s proposed bullet train

The proposed California bullet train has headlined train news in the past few weeks. The high-speed train will from Anaheim to San Francisco. The initial segment will run from Fresno to Bakersfield. The high speed rail shows carbon emission benefits in the long run, but construction pollution will be increased.

Read more on KWEQ, Northern California’s Public Television and Radio.