The 7 Funniest Road Signs in the US: Bus Trip I Spy

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Every so often, whether on the road or by foot, by train or by bus, you come across a street sign that makes you burst out laughing. This is especially true with bus travel, where the trips tend to be longer and you get to spend more time looking out on the road. Well, here at Wanderu, we have seen a fair share of bizarre signs in our days on the road and we’re here to share them with you!

Here are our seven favorite signs from around the web and US that you might encounter on your next bus trip! (all pictures were taken from

  • For those traveling along the Boston to New York route, this sign will be sure to make you do a double-take! (For a good laugh, check out “Bushisms” on YouTube).


Location: Connecticut

  • Here’s one for all the Republicans who weren’t happy with the George Bush one…


Location: Arkansas


  • If you ever see a correctional facility sign, it’s probably best for your bus driver to not stop anywhere near its location, but this sign reiterates that point just in case!

correctional facility

Location: All Major prisons (all jokes aside, tell your bus driver to keep going!)

  • We always wondered where it was located…Bat cave

Location: Highway 74, North Carolina


  • We’re guessing this probably isn’t safe to drive through either then…


Location: California


  • Don’t pretend like you haven’t been there!


Location: Detroit

 Could this sign be any more confusing? What would you do?Stop sign

Location: Some crazy town that’s probably not safe to drive through.


  • Pray your bus driver doesn’t follow these directions!Untitled

Location: Unknown, be on the lookout for your safety!


Have you seen any funny or bizarre signs recently? Post a picture on our Facebook page with the location of the sign, or send them to us on our Twitter account!