Handicap Bus Transportation Tips & Tricks: Greyhound, MegaBus, Peter Pan for all!

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Handicapped bus transportation can sometimes be difficult for those that have wanderlust, or a love of travel. To combat this, buses have made great advances to make handicap bus transportation as effortless as possible. Many activities used to be off limits but now one’s choices are limitless when doing handicapped bus riding. If you decide to take a trip out to California, they invented wheelchair accessible hot air balloons where you can see for miles in any direction and then enjoy complimentary wine tastings!

Wheelchair accessible hot air balloon: Handicap Transportation

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Wheelchair ramp on Handicap Bus TransportationThanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled travelers are guaranteed to receive equal treatment under the law. Because of this, many changes have been made to allow for fun exploring, relaxing and luxuriating while using handicap bus transportation. To make life easier, most bus companies like Peter Pan bus and Greyhound bus are now equipped with either ramps or lifts to safely bring people on, where their wheelchair is then secured for one’s safety.

Sometimes handicapped bus transportation can require a little research so it is always good practice to call the bus company you will be riding with ahead of time to ensure that your handicap bus transportation will be easy. On the Peter Pan Bus website it says you don’t even have to call ahead anymore, but if you have concerns you should still call. When it comes to Megabus, they prefer that you contact them ahead of time if you require handicap bus transportation. So it shows you should check out who you travel with because every bus company has slightly different preferences.

When you call them, be sure to be specific with the way you describe your handicap, most people are familiar with a wheelchair handicap but if you have something slightly different it might be better to call ahead to make sure the bus company can accommodate to your needs.

Handicap Bus Transportation: bus interiorWith handicap bus transportation, most buses offer priority seating to those with a handicap. Should you have a service animal, they are allowed on board but not in the aisle or occupying a seat, per the Greyhound bus website. If the trip you are taking is particularly long, be sure to talk to your doctor beforehand so they can advise you on how to prepare for the trip so you won’t have to worry about your handicap bus transportation. Also check for medical facilities near your destination to ensure that you will be in good hands should anything occur. It also helps to bring a printed copy of your medical information and a number that your doctor can be reached at.

Now that you know how to go, you can check out 22 Accessible Road Trips: Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers by Candy B. Harrington to be inspired for your next handicap bus transportation.

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