What can you see with just one tank of gas?

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We found a neat infographic from Alamo USA with some cool facts and stats about road tripping around the USA. If you’re planning a road trip across the US, or just part of it this graphic illustrates some of the great stuff you can see and do using just a single tank of gas (or petrol for those in the UK).

For example there are 20 theme parks within a short drive or Orlando Florida or 28 within easy reach of Los Angeles International Airport. There’s also loads of interesting ideas for places to visit and things to see during your road trip, from UFO themed restaurants to  the worlds largest Sandhill Crane (a giant sculpture of a bird!). US is a vast and fascinating country whether you live there or are visiting from overseas and, if you can put up with the long distances between places  driving across the country has to be the best way to discover the best of the US.

Greent travel in the US

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