Travel Gifts under $25 – Christmas Gadgets – Top 5 Countdown

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As exciting as holiday traveling can be, the transit part of the trip can often be very uncomfortable, almost painful. Well first off next trip book with Wanderu, and we can insure that find and booking bus tickets will be pleasant =). However, having the right gear on the journey to your destination can help make the trip almost painless. Give yourself or that special someone the travel gift of comfort with one of our five choices:

1. Samsonite’s Eco-Friendly Window Solar Charger – $23.99 SALE
Samsonite Window Charger

Most travelers would agree that their cell phone is the number 1 most important gadget to have when traveling, not only for its practical uses, but also for the entertainment and leisure aspects. But how useful is a cell phone with no battery? This is not a problem if you have a window solar charger to recharge your precious phone. The Samsonite Window Solar Charger allows the user to recharge their phone on the go while still being eco-conscious. So every plug taken up on that Greyhound bus ride, just power up this baby. Not enough sun? Just plug it into your computer’s USB port to have it ready to charge your phone anytime.


2. Vapur Flexible Water Bottle – $9.99


Vapour Fleible Anti Bottle


Water is an essential part of life and definitely essential on a long trip. Though there are some planes and buses with free water, it never hurts to have more. Stay hydrated but lose the bulk with the Vapur Flexible Water Bottle. Vapur claims to be “the most portable, reusable water bottle on the planet”. It is able to stand upright when full but can also be flattened, rolled, or folded when empty. This innovative bottle allows you to be eco-friendly by reusing the bottle while simultaneously eliminating the problem of carrying around empty, yet still very bulky water bottles. Vapur is manufacture in the United States and are ultra-durable, freezable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.


3. Keurig Spill-and-Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug


keurig spill and leak


What better way to enjoy a ride than with a warm cup of coffee? But, what better way to ruin a potentially enjoyable ride than that warm cup of coffee out of the cup and all over you? Prevent this horrific scenario with the Keurig Spill-and-Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug. The travel mug features Autoseal technology that unlocks when you press the button but automatically reseals when the button is released. The travel mug also has a double-wall construction ensuring that your beverage of choice, regardless of hot or cold, stays at the optimal temperature for your enjoyment.


4. Smart Planet’s Collapsible Lunch Containers – Small $12.99; Large $17.99

collapsible eco lunch box

Halfway through the trip and you start to get hungry. What if your Megabus doesn’t stop for a mid-trip break? Lucky for you, you packed some food for the trip. Only problem is that it takes up so much space in your carry on. With Smart Planet’s Collapsible Lunch Containers, this problem can be avoided. The collapsible containers can be collapsed to less than half their size. They are made from food-safe silicone and plastic and come with a spork utensil that can be stored right in the lid. Once you’ve finished eating, simply place the lid on top, push to collapse the compartments, and then snap the lid in place to secure the flattened container.


5. Ready2Go Tech Accessory Organizer – Small $12; Large $17


You decide to listen to music so you reach in your bag to find your earphones. After wasting minutes trying to locate your earphones, you finally find them. To your dismay, they are all tangled and you waste even more time to detangle them. The Ready2Go Tech Organizers are carriers designed to store and carry small electronics and all the accessories that go along with them –including earphones, computer mouse, USB devices, and spare batteries. This light-weight carrier keeps the wires and cords in order with a mix of zippered inner pockets and elastic straps.

And the most helpful gadget of all for your travel needs is of course free. It’s the Wanderu travel search. Find hundreds of bus and train schedules to any destination.


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