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About Bayerische Oberlandbahn

Bayerische Oberlandbahn is a popular train company offering very affordable ticket options to top travel destinations. You will always find the cheapest Bayerische Oberlandbahn tickets by searching Overall, Bayerische Oberlandbahn serves one train route, connecting 1 cities in one country. To cover all these routes Bayerische Oberlandbahn runs an average of 1 trips per day and 1 trips per month. These train trips range in price from $14.08 to $14.08 based on a variety of factors.

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Phone number: DE: +49 80 24 997 171Phone number: GB: +44 (0) 8718 80 80 66


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Bayerische Oberlandbahn Train Guide & FAQs

Do Bayerische Oberlandbahn trains have WiFi?

No, unfortunately Bayerische Oberlandbahn does not offer WiFi aboard its trains at this time. However, we find that a good book makes the time fly by and streaming services like Netflix allow you download TV shows and movies that you can then watch during your trip. Plan ahead and you will stay entertained during the entire train ride.

Are there power outlets or USB plugs on the train?

Bayerische Oberlandbahn does not offer power outlets on their trains at this time. We suggest you charge up your laptop ahead of time and bring a power bank for your phone to extend its battery life for the duration of the trip. And remember - a good book doesn’t require any power.

What is Bayerische Oberlandbahn's schedule?

On a typical day, Bayerische Oberlandbahn has 1 scheduled train trips in total. However, the exact departure and arrival times vary depending on the day and route. The best way to find the exact schedule for your trip is to use the search tool on this page.

Can you pick up will call tickets at the station?

No, Bayerische Oberlandbahn does not offer will call tickets. You should purchase your tickets online and make sure you have everything you need to board before you arrive at the station.

Do you need an ID to get on the train?

Yes, Bayerische Oberlandbahn requires you to present an ID to an agent to be allowed to board the train. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements. Alternative IDs, such as a college ID, won’t work.

What are Bayerische Oberlandbahn’s COVID-19 policies?

Visit our COVID-19 Travel Guide to view the most up-to-date information about Bayerische Oberlandbahn’s cleaning protocols and adjusted ticket change policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are there bathrooms on Bayerische Oberlandbahn trains?

No, there are no bathrooms available on Bayerische Oberlandbahn trains. Though there are no bathrooms onboard, typically breaks are scheduled in the itinerary to allow passengers to use bathroom facilities along the way.

Are meals or beverages available?

Bayerische Oberlandbahn does not offer meals or beverages onboard. We recommend you bring a drink and some snacks for your trip. We also suggest packing a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your impact on the environment. However, note that most trains do not allow you to bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Do you have to print your Bayerische Oberlandbahn ticket?

Bayerische Oberlandbahn does not require a printed ticket to board the train. Instead, an eTicket is sent to you by email when you make your reservation. You can use your smartphone to show this eTicket to the ticketing agent as you board.

Does Bayerische Oberlandbahn offer any premium features like extra legroom or movies?

Bayerische Oberlandbahn focuses on delivering a great travel experience at a low price and currently does not offer premium features like extra legroom or onboard entertainment. But these days, between your laptop, tablet, smartphone and e-reader, you’re the master of your own entertainment even on longer journeys.