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On Wanderu, you’ll find the best price on bus tickets from Houston to Austin. For a low price, travel to lively Austin and visit exciting destinations, like Zilker Park, the Texas State Capitol, and the Congress Bridge. You can find the best prices on bus tickets from Houston to Austin by browsing through different departure dates and times from major bus lines, like Megabus, Greyhound, and Peter Pan.

Depart Houston from Turimex South West Freeway Station, Pierce St, Sunmart Texaco Station and arrive in Austin at Amtrak Austin Stop, Turimex E Saint Johns Ave Station, and the Greyhound Station in Austin.When reserving your bus tickets on Wanderu, you’ll have no problem finding the best drop-off location and time.

8 things To Do on a Budget - Houston to Austin Bus Trip

Deciding to wander from Houston to Austin for a long trip or just the weekend is always a good idea. Enjoy everything that Austin has to offer, from nature to live music and from food trucks to a bridge that houses million of bats. Purchase your bus tickets from Houston to Austin and follow these top tips to enjoy every minute of your trip without breaking the bank.

Texas State Capitol

You can’t go from Houston to Austin and not feel the buzzing of the Texan culture around you. When you take the bus from Houston to Austin, what better place to learn about Texan history than by heading to the Texas State capitol and enjoying a free tour any day of the week.

The Congress Bridge

Batman may not have originated from Austin, however, if you head to the congress bridge, you will be able to witness 1.5 million Mexican bats take flight at sunset. What better incentive is there to buy a bus ticket from Houston to Austin than to have a once in a lifetime experience with the animal that is responsible for one of the world’s most famous superhero.


If you are the type of person who enjoys being one with nature, not to worry, Austin offers beautiful trails where you can enjoy the scenery. Strap on the hiking boots and get ready for an outdoor adventure.

Zilker Park

If you left your furry friend at home while on your vacation from Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas, not to worry, Zilker park is dog friendly! Enjoy a nice picnic while watching our wet nosed friends run and play.

Food Trucks

Austin is known for serving anything imaginable out of a food truck. Walk around the city and pick the food truck that looks the most desirable to you, your taste buds will thank you later!

Live Music

The majority of bars and cafes in Austin, such as the famous continental club, offer live music. With a drink in your hand, free peanuts, and live entertainment, the Austin music scene will put the happy in happy hour.

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Have you ever passed a piece of graffiti and was in awe of the certain beauty it holds? If the answer is yes, then the hope outdoor gallery is a must-see while on your trip from Houston to Austin, Texas. Here, graffiti artists display their art on walls outdoors. The best part, it is always changing!

Blanton museum of art:

Free entry is granted every Thursday at Blanton museum of art. So, while you are on a long weekend trip from Houston to Austin and culture is your hobby of choice, head over and enjoy the exhibits at the Blanton museum.

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When reserving your trip with Wanderu, you'll find low prices on buses across the world! If you need to get to your destination in a hurry, then we have plenty of options. Reserve your seat on a train from Houston to Austin and bypass traffic on the way to your next destination.

Megabus is an intercity bus service providing clean, and dependable rides to major cities in the USA. Heard about MegaBus $1 tickets? Read about them and Megabus discounts now.

Greyhound Bus Lines is the largest bus carrier in the US. Spanning all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast, they cover over 1000 cities all over the United States.

Amtrak is USA's premier train carrier. Serving both the coasts as well as taking travelers from east to west and back, amtrak is both a convenient and comfortable way to travel.