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Wanderu is the best way to find cheap travel from Madison to Chicago. Compare bus and train tickets in order to find a convenient time and low price. When booking your Madison to Chicago bus tickets with Wanderu, use the sorting features to help find tickets from your favorite bus carriers and to find the quickest route.


Book bus tickets from Madison to Chicago and depart from 4 Collins Street Center, University of Wisconsin Chazen Museum on 800 University Avenue, 201 East Washington Avenue, or 1410 East Washington Avenue and arrive at South Canal Street, Greyhound Station, Van Buren Street, and Union Station. Regardless of the carrier you choose, you’ll love the ease and affordability of a short ride between these two cities!


Departing from Madison

There are four departure locations for you to choose from when booking Madison to Chicago bus tickets. Choose between 4 Collins Street Center, University of Wisconsin Chazen Museum on 800 University Avenue, 201 East Washington Avenue, or 1410 East Washington Avenue.


If you choose to depart from 4 Collins Street Center, you will not have to use multiple carriers to reach your final destination. However, if your choose to use any of the other departure locations, multiple carriers will be used to get you from Madison to Chicago.


Regardless of which route you choose, you’ll find plenty of activities to do while waiting for your Madison to Chicago bus. Choose from nearby restaurants or take a stroll around the University of Wisconsin campus before your trip. If you’re leaving from the University of Wisconsin, then you can take an a nap in Whitney Park and find delicious food at Attic Books & Coffee.

Arriving in Chicago

Similar to your departure, you’ll also find four different stations in Chicago to choose from for your arrival, including South Canal Street, Greyhound Station on 630 West Harrison, and Union Station on 240 South Canal Street. Whichever location you choose to arrive at when booking your Madison to Chicago bus tickets, you’ll find plenty of activities to do.


If Union Station is your drop-off location, you’ll arrive within walking distance from Greektown and the harbour. This drop-off is perfect if you want to have a lot to do after getting off the bus from Madison to Chicago. Take a 5 minute walk to the famous Willis Tower to enjoy the view of the Chicago skyline from the 103rd floor skydeck. If you're hungry, head on over to try the delicious Greek Islands restaurant in Greektown. With many restaurants and activities nearby, you will have a lot of options when choosing what you want to do next.


The bus trip from Madison to Chicago is quick and affordable. Purchase your ticket today on Wanderu and be in Chicago in no time!


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When reserving your trip with Wanderu, you'll find low prices on buses across the world! If you need to get to your destination in a hurry, then we have plenty of options. Reserve your seat on a train from Madison to Chicago and bypass traffic on the way to your next destination.

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