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Coahuilenses Bus Schedule & Tickets

Autobuses Coahuilenses is a bus company that offers service to several cities in northern Mexico including Saltillo, Torreón and Monclova. Autobuses Coahuilense has daily trips to multiple destinations and offers cheap bus tickets, allowing passengers to frequently travel while saving money. The buses offer a reliable and safe service.


Autobuses Coahuilense is a prestigious company that has years of experience in the Mexican market and is part of the well-known Grupo Senda, a huge bus conglomerate with extensive coverage in Mexico.

Popular Coahuilenses bus routes:

Autobuses Coahuilenses

With more than 80 years of experience in the market, Grupo Senda is a transportation leader in Mexico, offering more than two million trips a year and serving over 23 million passengers.


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Baggage information:


Each passenger can bring two medium-sized suitcases (less than 50 kg) at no additional cost. Additionally, each passenger can bring a small personal item on board as a carry on, such as a backpack or a purse. Passengers who wish to bring additional luggage will have to pay extra fees. Similarly, additional fees may apply if luggage exceeds the weight limit.




Autobuses Coahuilenses buses offer many amenities that you will make your trip a great experience. All buses are equipped with the following commodities:


Video: All buses are equipped with an entertainment system that includes TV screens and video players to show movies and TV shows during the ride.


Room for carry on luggages: All buses have additional space to store carry on bags and other luggage.


Restrooms: The buses have a fully equipped restroom on board.


Individual overhead light: Each passenger has its own reading light over the seat.


AC and heating: No matter what the temperature is like outside, AVE buses are always at the right temperature inside. The buses have AC, perfect for warm summer days, and centralized heating to make the trip warm and cozy during the winter.


Assigned seating: Passengers traveling in AVE can select the seats they want to reserve on the bus. When purchasing the tickets online in advance, travelers can choose their preferred seating.


Ticket information:


Printing tickets: When purchasing tickets online, passengers have the option to either print their tickets at home (they will receive them via email) show the confirmation number at the station ticket box to pick up the tickets prior to boarding the bus.


Change policies: All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, passengers may makes changes on travel details (the time and date of department) up to two hours prior to their scheduled departure.


Children travelling: Children under three years old travel for free when accompanied by an adult.

Autobuses Coahuilenses
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