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Deutsche Bahn ICE Train Tickets

The DB Intercity Express is the fastest train offered by German carrier Deutsche Bahn. The DB ICE train travels at speeds of up to 320 km/h – almost 200 miles/h. If you are looking to travel to quickly to dozens of cities in Europe, including destinations in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands, the ICE train is the best travel alternative for you.  


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Deutsche Bahn Intercity Express train – ICE

The Deutsche Bahn Intercity Express train is one of the best ways to travel around Europe. These super fast trains can help you travel inside Germany to cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Dortmund, or across Europe to destinations including Amsterdam, Zürich, Brussels and Vienna.

DB ICE train schedules are very popular among both business and leisure travelers, with trains departing from the main stations frequently. Also, the ICE trains are Deutsche Bahn most modern train, offering top-notch amenities and two service classes.


Amenities on DB ICE trains


DB ICE trains are very modern and packed with commodities that will make your journey across Europe very comfortable. All ICE trains are equipped with AC, have ample seats with plenty of legroom, a restaurant on board, luggage lockers to leave your bags in when you head to the restaurant, clean restrooms on each car and power outlets.

Seat Selection on DB ICE train

On all DB ICE routes, passengers have the chance to select whether they want to seat at a window seat, by the aisle or on a fixed table seat. Also, business travelers can choose to seat on a car with high cell phone reception or on a silent car.


Do DB ICE trains have Wi-Fi?


One of the greatest perks of traveling on DB ICE train is that free Wi-Fi is available on most ICE routes. Fast internet is also provided at all DB lounges in hundreds of stations across Europe – all first class travelers can access the lounges at no cost.


Service Classes of DB ICE trains


When traveling on a DB ICE train, passengers can choose between first class and second class seats. Both classes feature many special amenities detailed below:


First Class


When traveling on DB ICE first class, passengers will have a unique experience. On some routes, the first class cars have individual video screens at each seat and integrated audio connection, so travelers can enjoy music and movies during the journey. Also, each seat has a power outlet to charge electronic devices. First class DB travelers can also have their meals served at their seat by the train staff.

Second Class


Second class on DB ICE train routes is also quite comfortable. This class features ample seats, integrated audio connection so you can enjoy music, plenty of space for personal luggage, snacks and drinks provided by the train staff at your seat, access to the restaurant car and restrooms on each car.

Popular DB ICE Routes


The DB ICE train has service connecting all major German cities with main hubs across Europe. Some the most popular routes include:


Frankfurt to Hamburg

Frankfurt to Munich

Frankfurt to Cologne

Cologne to Berlin

Hamburg to Munich

Berlin to Munich

Frankfurt to Basel

Cologne to Brussels

Frankfurt to Paris

Nuremberg to Vienna

Frankfurt to Amsterdam

Hamburg to Copenhagen

DB ICE Train Restaurant Car


All DB ICE trains are equipped with a charming restaurant car. Here, passengers traveling in both first and second class can purchase a variety of food items from the menu. The restaurant offers hot and cold meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. In some DB ICE routes, the restaurant servces local German and European specialties and signature dishes. Passengers can choose to eat at the restaurant or bring their meals back to their seats.


Luggage on DB ICE


On DB ICE trains, passengers can bring luggage aboard the train with them. In both first and second class, there is enough room to accommodate carry-on bags and standard size luggage. ICE trains have overhead compartments above each seat as well as designated baggage areas between seats.

Deutsche Bahn asks travelers to label all pieces of luggage that they wish to transport on the train.


Bicycles on DB ICE trains


Unfortunately, bicycles are not allowed on Deutsche Bahn Intercity Express trains.


About Deutsche Bahn


Deutsche Bahn, commonly known as DB, is the largest railway operator in Europe. Based in Germany, this train and bus carrier operates in 130 countries including France, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Netherlands, among others.


Deutsche Bahn is one of the best transportation alternatives for travelers looking to explore Europe as it has more than 5,700 stations in different countries. DB offers daily service connecting all major cities in Germany with many European hubs. DB is perfect for millennial travelers, as the company offers high-quality bus and train service to travel on a budget.


Other DB Services

DB ICE train routes are certainly popular among most travelers, however Deutsche Bahn also offers a variety of other train and bus services to help travelers get around Germany and Europe. Some of the company's services include:

DB Intercity
DB Intercity Bus

DB Eurocity

DB City Night Line

DB Railjet

DB Regionalbahn

DB Regional Express

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