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Deutsche Bahn Tickets, Schedules & Service Guide

Deutsche Bahn is a train and bus company based in Germany. DB routes cover 130 countries including frequent train schedules to France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Poland and Switzerland. Deutsche Bahn trains and buses are one of the best options to travel around Europe. More than 5,700 DB stations cover Europe in different countries and there are frequent daily DB departures connecting major cities.

Most travelers who have explored Germany agree that Deutsche Bahn trains are some of the most reliable and comfortable out there. Now, you can book DB tickets to travel on Deutsche Bahn train and bus services through Wanderu. Compare all DB schedules to all the major bus and train companies and instantly book Deutsche Bahn tickets at the lowest price every time.

Deutsche Bahn DB


Deutsche Bahn train and bus services are one of the most effective way to travel around Germany. The company has different service alternatives to travel between German cities at any time. Deutsche Bahn Germany Intercity Express, for example, can take passengers to all major German hubs including Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne.

For commuters and travelers looking to get to beautiful villages in Germany, the best way bet are the DB Regional train routes.

In addition to its extensive coverage in Germany, Deutsche Bahn schedules service to most major European cities and even some smaller hubs in over a hundred European nations such as France, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Switzerland the Czech Republic, among many others.

Popular Deutsche Bahn Routes

Some of the most popular routes served by Deutsche Bahn trains:

Berlin to Cologne

Berlin to Frankfurt

Berlin to Hamburg

Frankfurt to Munich

Munich to Cologne

Frankfurt to Stuttgart

Berlin to Prague

Frankfurt to Amsterdam

Munich to Paris

Berlin to London

Paris to Frankfurt

Prague to Paris

Frankfurt to Luxembourg

Nuremberg to Zurich

DB Service Options:

Looking to provide convenient and economical transport to all travelers, Deutsche Bahn offers various service options, both in Germany and internationally. With flexible bus and train schedules, Deutsche Bahn schedules allow early birds and late travelers to reach their destinations.

Deutsche Bahn Trains in Germany

DB Intercity

The DB Intercity (IC) trains are exclusively for traveling on train routes within Germany, and they are a very convenient option because there are DB IC departures every one to two hours, depending on your destination. Also, the DB IC trains are fast, reaching speeds of up to speeds of up to 200 km/h (around 125 miles/h). The IC train lines connect pretty much every major city in Germany including Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Intercity Express

The Deutsche Bahn Intercity Express trains known as DB ICE, are the fastest trains of all Deutsche Bahn services. The ICE trains can reach a speed of up to 300 km/h (186 miles/h). The DB ICE routes operate between several German cities and are packed with amenities such as AC, on-board restaurants and ample seats.

DB Regional Train Service

If you are looking to travel by train in Germany from a big city to a smaller community or viceversa, the best way to do it is taking a Deutsche Bahn Regional train. This DB train line provides services to smaller stations around Germany and has three sub lines: Regional-Express, Regionalbahn and S-Bahn. These train routes usually travel shorter distances and allow passengers to connect to longer distance services.

International Trains

DB Eurocity

The Deutsche Bahn Eurocity trains are a super convening option to travel around Europe. This train line connects all of major cities in Germany on popular train routes to cities in neighboring countries. The Eurocity trains are very convenient and offer frequent schedules, with departures every hour or two hours. This DB train line will take you to your destination quickly; the Eurocity trains reach speeds of up to speeds of up to 200 km/h (around 125 miles/h).

DB City Night Line

This line is one of the top choices by international travelers for its convenience and comfort. When taking this Deutsche Bahn train, you will travel overnight and arrive at your destination in the morning, saving the money you would spend in a hotel. The train offers couchette cars, so passenger can arrive well rested.

The DB City Night Line drops of passengers at train stations downtown, making it easier for travelers to explore new European cities. Some of the cities served by Deutsche Bahn City Night Line are Berlin, Rome, Zurich, Amsterdam and Prague.


Deutsche Bahn IC Bus

DB IC Bus is an extremely affordable way to travel by bus around Europe! In addition to its huge network of trains, Deutsche Bahn also offers DB bus schedules on select routes. These are usually very cheap, with DB bus tickets starting at 9 euros and offer amenities such as free WiFi, comfortable seats, bathroom on board and seat selection. Also, children under 15 years old travel for free on the IC bus routes when accompanied by a parent or guardian holding a DB bus ticket.

Some of the routes served by Deutsche Bahn IC Bus are:

Munich to Prague

Berlin to Copenhagen

Berlin to Krakow

Prague to Paris

Frankfurt to Luxembourg

Nuremberg to Zurich

Luggage on Deutsche Bahn

DB Door-to-door luggage services

One of the benefits of traveling with Deutsche Bahn train or bus services is that they provide passengers with the option to send their luggage directly to their final destination, be it an address in Europe or other countries or an airport. DB passenger who want to avoid the hassle of traveling with multiple bags can utilize this service.

Deutsche Bahn Luggage Policy

Deutsche Bahn allows passengers to bring both carry-on and checked bags on most of their trips. The maximum weight allowance for a bag is 30 kg (66 lbs) and the maximum size allowance is 150 cm long (4 ft 9 inches). Deutsche Bahn asks travelers to label all pieces of luggage that they wish to transport.

Bicycles on Deutsche Bahn trains

Intercity and Eurocity Deutsche Bahn trains allow passengers to travel with their bikes. In order to travel with a bike, passengers will need to make a bike reservation, which can be made when you book your ticket online.

In order to send a bike with the luggage, it needs to be well-packed in a secured container or special bag. The cost to take a bike on a long distance train is 9 euros.

Bikes are not allowed on Deutsche Bahn InterCity Express trains.

Pets on Deutsche Bahn

Most Deutsche Bahn trains allow passengers to travel with small dogs free of charge. The dogs must be placed in a carrier for transportation. Travelers who wish to bring larger dogs on board need to book a separate ticket for the dog. In most long-distance trains, dogs pay half the price of a ticket. For regional transport, dogs pay the full price of an adult ticket. Tickets cannot be reserved for dogs.

Amenities onboard Deutsche Bahn

DB On-Board Restaurants

Many Deutsche Bahn trains like the Intercity, Intercity Express and the EuroCity have on-board restaurants offering sophisticated meals as well as snacks and beverages.

DB Legroom and seat selection

Train lines such as Deutsche Bahn's Intercity Express offer ample legroom to make all your trips extra comfortable. This train line also offers passengers the chance to select where they want to seat on the train. Some of the options are aisle seats, window seats, table seats as well as seat in a silent car.

Do Deutsche Bahn trains have WiFi?

For travelers looking to work while on a train, Deutsche Bahn offers complimentary WiFi on most of their trains, including InterCity Express trains and Eurocity trains.

Traveling with children on Deutsche Bahn trains

Children under 14 years old travel from free on Deutsche Bahn when accompanied by a parent or guardian holding an adult DB ticket. When traveling with children under the age of six, travelers do not need to mention the child on the ticket. When traveling with children older than six, travelers need to mention the children on the reservation.

Children traveling alone get a 50% discount on tickets, however, these tickets cannot be booked and delivered online. These need to either be mailed to an address or purchased at the station.


DB Ticket Delivery Options

Printing Tickets


Travelers who book their Deutsche Bahn train tickets on Wanderu will receive a ticket confirmation that they can print and present at the station when boarding the train.

Electronic Tickets on the app


If the ticket is booked through the Wanderu app, travelers won’t need to print out the ticket. They can simply present the ticket on their smartphones on the app when boarding the train.

Deutsche Bahn History and travel statistics

Deutsche Bahn was founded in Germany in 1994. Today, it is one of the world’s leading transportation companies in the world. Every year, almost two billion train passengers and more than 750 million bus passengers travel with Deutsche Bahn. The company operates more than 26,713 train per day.


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