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FlixBus Schedules, Fares, Tickets and Amenities

If you are looking to travel around Europe on a budget, a great way to get around is by bus. Buses are modern, efficient, and most importantly, inexpensive. FlixBus is one of the main bus carriers serving hundreds of bus routes in Europe.


FlixBus schedules include bus service to 20 nations and the main cities in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Czech Republic.


On Wanderu, you can search and book all FlixBus schedules, compare prices and itineraries and easily book your Flixbus tickets for your next trip to Europe! Whether you are looking to visit friends in Frankfurt, stroll around the charming streets of Paris or admire the beautiful architecture in Prague, FlixBus and Wanderu can help you plan your adventure in Europe.

Popular FlixBus bus routes:


About FlixBus

FlixBusQuick Facts
Routes: 17,409
Daily Trips: 5,365
Cities Served: 351
Stations: 274
Countries: 20


About FlixBus Routes and Schedules.

FlixBus is a popular bus company offering very affordable ticket options to top travel destinations. You will always find the cheapest FlixBus tickets by searching on Wanderu.com. Overall FlixBus serves 17,409 bus routes, connecting 351 cities in 20 countries. To cover all these routes FlixBus runs an average 5,365 trips per day and 160,950 trips per month. These bus trips range in price from $3.72 to $186.29 based on a variety of factors. Wanderu helps you search all available FlixBus tickets to find the best deals for routes in 20+ countries.

FlixBus Tickets, Prices, and Deals.

Based on FlixBus average ticket prices and demand history, the company’s average bus ticket price is $36.12. The best way to save money on FlixBus tickets is by booking 84 days out from your travel date when the average price is $6.03. By booking this many days out you can save around $73.10 on your bus ticket price.


The cheapest day of the week to travel with FlixBus is Wednesday, but can vary if that day falls on a holiday which tends to drive up bus ticket demand and prices. The most expensive day is generally Monday because of people’s travel habits. Even though you may be traveling on Monday, Wanderu will help by comparing deals across 60+ bus and train lines, finding you fares starting at $4.26. 3 am on Saturday tends to be the busiest time and day for ridership on FlixBus and trips might be more crowded than usual. The best time to travel if you want to have some extra space on the bus is midnight on Friday as this tends to be the quietest time and day.

Finding the Cheapest and Most Popular FlixBus Routes

With approximately 17,409 different routes and almost 160,950 bus trips per month it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and destinations FlixBus can get you to. The filtering and sorting capabilities of Wanderu makes it simple to find the best prices on popular FlixBus trips. The most popular bus routes served by FlixBus are Dresden to Berlin, Berlin to Dresden, Prague to Berlin, Berlin to Prague and Berlin to Cologne.


FlixBus has a lot of great deals, with the cheapest trips averaging just $3.72. Wanderu aggregates the cheapest prices and the best deals on FlixBus tickets allowing you to pick the ideal trip for your next adventure! If you don't have a destination in mind, but you’re looking for an affordable trip to get out of town, Wanderu can help with that too. Find trips to popular destinations in 20+ countries at amazing prices with Explore by Wanderu.

Top FlixBus Stations and Stops

FlixBus has 274 stations in over 351 cities to ensure you find the closest bus station for your trip. Your convenience is always a major factor in how Wanderu searches all FlixBus trips and helps you browse your options, presenting bus stations as close as possible to your exact desired destination. The most popular FlixBus stations are Central Bus Station, Central Station, Adenauerallee 78, Alexanderplatz and SXF Schoenefeld Airport.


FlixBus is one of Europe’s leading bus companies, providing quick and reliable service to over 900 destinations. With premium amenities such as free WiFi and snacks on board and reasonable prices, FlixBus has become a preferred transportation option for millennial travelers.


Popular FlixBus Routes


Whether you are looking to travel to a main hub or a smaller town in Europe, the odds are FlixBus can take you there! The FlixBus tickets are available to cities in 20 different countries.


Some of the most popular FlixBus routes are:


Buses from Berlin to Leipzig

Buses from Berlin to Hamburg

Buses from Berlin to Munich

Buses from Dresden to Berlin

Buses from Copenhagen to Berlin

Buses from Berlin to Amsterdam

Buses from Paris to Berlin

Buses from Berlin to Bremen

Buses from Paris to Barcelona

Buses from Rome to Frankfurt

Buses from Amsterdam to Hamburg

Buses from Munich to Salzburg


Overnight FlixBus Schedule


FlixBus overnight schedules are a great way to travel faster and save money. When choosing a night departure on the Flixbus overnight service, you will be able to sleep on the bus and arrive in the morning. The night buses make fewer stops and provide comfortable seating for you to rest and relax. Most FlixBus buses drop you off in the city center, making it easier to explore a new city.


FlixBus overnight bus schedule includes these popular routes:


Berlin to Paris

Hamburg to Paris

Frankfurt to Paris

Hamburg to Berlin

Berlin to Prague

Stuttgart to Berlin

Rotterdam to Paris

Prague to Hamburg

The Hague to Paris


Amenities on FlixBus


FlixBus offers some of the most modern and comfortable buses in Europe. FlixBus amenities are designed to make your trip an amazing experience. All buses have ample leg room, plenty of space for personal items and carry-on luggage, WiFi, power outlets to charge all of your electronic devices, clean restrooms and snacks and drinks available for purchase at very low prices.


FlixBus WiFi Service


Almost all FlixBus connections offer free WiFi on board, so travelers can easily spend the journey working from the bus, sending emails, checking and posting and social media, and more. Some routes to Prague, Pilsen, St. GallenZurich and Hahn currently do not offer WiFi, but FlixBus is working to upgrade those buses.


FlixBus Luggage Policy


Every FlixBus ticket allows travelers to bring two checked bags –maximum combined weight 30 kg or 66 lbs and maximum dimensions 67 x 50 x 27 cm. Passengers are also allowed to bring one carry-on bag of maximum 7 kg or l5 lbs and maximum size 42 x 30 x 18 cm.


FlixBus luggage policy also indicates that passengers should label all bags they wish to transport. Passengers can bring one additional bag in case they need to. They will have to pay a fee of 5 euros and the bag should not weigh more than 15 kg or 33lbs.


Bicycles on FlixBus

FlixBus allows travelers to bring a standard-size bicycle on the bus. The cost to bring a bicycle on FlixBus is 9 euro and passengers need to reserve a spot for the bike in advance. Bicycles should be placed on special bike-designated carriers.


Accessibility on FlixBus


FlixBus is committed to transporting all passengers to their destinations. Passengers with disabilities can bring wheelchairs and walking-aids on the bus at no cost. It is encouraged that travelers with disabilities contact FlixBus at least 48 hours before the trip to register their wheelchair or any other medical equipment they need to bring on the trip. FlixBus also allows passengers to travel with service dogs.


FlixBus Airport Service


For travelers looking to take a flight back home or arriving to one of Europe’s main airports, FlixBus schedules include bus connections to and from 10 major airports in different countries.


FlixBus airport service is convenient and affordable and designed to accommodate traveler’s needs. FlixBus bus connections to airports include:


Frankfurt Airport connections:

Karlsruhe to Frankfurt Airport

Mannheim to Frankfurt Airport

Luxembourg to Frankfurt Airport

Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport


EuroAirport Basel connections:

Zurich to EuroAirport

Freiburg to EuroAirport

Strasbourg to EuroAirport

Basel SBB to EuroAirport


Munich Airport connections:

Nuremberg to Munich Airport

Innsbruck to Munich Airport

Bamberg to Munich Airport

Salzburg to Munich Airport


Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport connections:

Amsterdam to Paris Airport

Lyon to Paris Airport

Lille to Paris Airport

Grenoble to Paris Airport


Berlin Tegel Airport connections:

Szczecin to Berlin Tegel


Berlin Schönefeld Airport connections:

Dresden to Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Hamburg to Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Leipzig to Berlin Schönefeld Airport


Allgäu Airport Memmingen connections:

Munich to Memmingen Airport

Zurich to Memmingen Airport

Nuremberg to Memmingen Airport

St. Gallen to Memmingen Airport


Stuttgart Airport connections:

Zurich to Stuttgart Airport

Karlsruhe to Stuttgart Airport

Heidelberg to Stuttgart Airport

Strasbourg to Stuttgart Airport


Bratislava Airport / M. R. Štefánik Airport connections:

Vienna to Bratislava Airport

Wolfsthal to Bratislava Airport

Hainburg an der Donau to Bratislava Airport


Vienna International Airport connections:

Budapest to Vienna Airport

Bratislava to Vienna Airport

Vienna to Vienna Airport

Mosonmagyarovar to Vienna Airport


Nice Côte d'Azur Airport connections:

Marseille to Nice Airport

Turin to Nice Airport

Paris to Nice Airport

Aix-en-Provence to Nice Airport


Pets on FlixBus


While FlixBus allows passengers to travel with service or assistance dogs on board, because of safety reasons, other pets are not allowed on the bus.


FlixBus Ticket Cancellation and Change Policy


While FlixBus tickets are non-refundable, the company has a flexible cancellation policy that allows travelers to make changes to their FlixBus itineraries. Changes can be made up to 15 minutes before departure on the FlixBus website or at a FlixBus travel counter.


If you would like to cancel your ticket and rebook your different FlixBus itinerary, you will receive a voucher for the value of your original purchase. If the price of your new trip exceeds the amount of your voucher, you will have to pay the difference.


In case you need to change the name of the passenger traveling, you may do so at no cost unless the trip at the time of change is more expensive than the price of the trip when originally booked. Then you will be charged the difference.


About FlixBus


Opening in 2013, FlixBus has quickly become one of the leading bus companies in Europe, offering service to more than 900 destinations in 20 different countries. Providing convenient, modern high-quality bus service at a low cost, FlixBus is one of the preferred transportation options for both leisure and business travelers.


FlixBus was founded by three young entrepreneurs in Munich with the goal of making sustainable bus travel both comfortable and affordable. Since its launch, the company has transported more than 50 million travelers and offers an average of 100,000 connections per day.


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