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Tufesa International Bus Fare Schedule & Tickets

Planning a winter escapade to a warmer, southern land? Tufesa and Wanderu got you covered! Hope on your next adventure and explore new destinations, such as Mexican gem, Guadalajara, a city charged with historical charm and arguably the best food south of the border, with our newest partner!

Popular Tufesa International bus routes:

Tufesa International

About Tufesa International

Tufesa InternationalQuick Facts
Routes: 827
Daily Trips: 1,061
Cities Served: 51
Stations: 36
Countries: 2


About Tufesa International Routes and Schedules.

Tufesa International is a popular bus company offering very affordable ticket options to top travel destinations. You will always find the cheapest Tufesa International tickets by searching on Wanderu.com. Overall Tufesa International serves 827 bus routes, connecting 51 cities in 2 countries. To cover all these routes Tufesa International runs an average 1,061 trips per day and 31,830 trips per month. These bus trips range in price from $6.00 to $291.00 based on a variety of factors. Wanderu helps you search all available Tufesa International tickets to find the best deals for routes in 20+ countries.

Tufesa International Tickets, Prices, and Deals.

Based on Tufesa International average ticket prices and demand history, the company’s average bus ticket price is $69.31. The best way to save money on Tufesa International tickets is by booking 14 days out from your travel date when the average price is $45.66. By booking this many days out you can save around $1.59 on your bus ticket price.


The cheapest day of the week to travel with Tufesa International is Saturday, but can vary if that day falls on a holiday which tends to drive up bus ticket demand and prices. The most expensive day is generally Friday because of people’s travel habits. Even though you may be traveling on Friday, Wanderu will help by comparing deals across 60+ bus and train lines, finding you fares starting at 6.00. 6 pm on Friday tends to be the busiest time and day for ridership on Tufesa International and trips might be more crowded than usual. The best time to travel if you want to have some extra space on the bus is 3 am on Monday as this tends to be the quietest time and day.

Finding the Cheapest and Most Popular Tufesa International Routes

With approximately 827 different routes and almost 31,830 bus trips per month it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and destinations Tufesa International can get you to. The filtering and sorting capabilities of Wanderu makes it simple to find the best prices on popular Tufesa International trips. The most popular bus routes served by Tufesa International are San Diego to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to San Diego, Phoenix to Nogales, Los Angeles to Ontario and Tucson to Nogales.


Tufesa International has a lot of great deals, with the cheapest trips averaging just $6.00. Wanderu aggregates the cheapest prices and the best deals on Tufesa International tickets allowing you to pick the ideal trip for your next adventure! If you don't have a destination in mind but you’re looking for an affordable trip to get out of town, Wanderu can help with that too. Find trips to popular destinations in 20+ countries at amazing prices with Explore by Wanderu.

Top Tufesa International Stations and Stops

Tufesa International has 36 stations in over 51 cities to ensure you find the closest bus station for your trip. Your convenience is always a major factor in how Wanderu searches all Tufesa International trips and helps you browse your options, presenting bus stations as close as possible to your exact desired destination. The most popular Tufesa International stations are McDowell - 1614 N 27th Ave, 5550 S 12th Ave, 219 N Arroya Blvd, 611 Maple Ave and E Florence Ave.


Tufesa Bus FAQs


Tufesa bus line has become one of the top choices for international travelers looking to travel in and around Mexico’s northwest and to the west coast of the southern United States.


Tufesa is one of Mexico’s largest bus carriers with services covering Mexican states of Jalisco, Sinaloa and Sonora as well as top destinations in the west coast, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.


While maintaining a tradition of good customer service and personalized attention, Tufesa keeps with up modern technology, offering their users new buses with special amenities such a cafeteria service and dvd players on board. In Mexico, Tufesa has been helping customers reach their destinations timely for more than 20 years, ensuring safety and comfort and proving their commitment to on-going improvement.


Throughout the years, Tufesa has grown to cover more than 30 destinations in North America and is a go-to resource for cross-border trips as well as local traveling.




Tufesa International


Tufesa’s services include Tufesa International, a leader in cross-border traveling from Mexico to the U.S. and back, with daily trips departing from 20 destinations in Mexico to important travel hubs like Las Vegas and Los Angeles (with two different stations in LA). The company offers two options for international traveling, with a Premium International Service selection that offers complimentary snacks on board, cafeteria services and two restrooms.


Airport service


Tufesa offers passengers traveling to Hermosillo, Sonora the option to take a bus directly to the airport, facilitating aerial connections and ensuring prime service on the way. The company also offers multiple trips that depart from Hermosillo’s airport.


All Tufesa buses offer passengers extra leg room, centralized air conditioning and heat, dvd or video players on board, comfortable seats and restrooms. Additionally, Tufesa has created a premium bus line – Tufesa Gold – with non-stop routes to several destinations in Mexico.


You can contact Tufesa directly by calling their toll-free line 01 800 737 8883.

Tufesa International
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Popular cities served by Tufesa International

  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Rich on history and cultural heritage, Los Angeles is well known as the nation's film and television industry center. Tour the city to see the iconic Hollywood sign, visit Paramount Pictures or Universal studios, and walk on Hollywood Boulevard to snap a shot at the Walk of Fame.

  • Tucson

    Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson is well known for its national parks and tons of outdoor recreational activities. The city also hosts several annual cultural events and fairs, such as the Tucson Festival of Books, the Gem and Mineral Show, the Tucson Rodeo, and the Avenue Street Fair.

  • Fresno

    Fresno is the largest inland city in California, famous for the San Joaquin Valley. Get an unforgettable experience when visiting Forestiere Underground Gardens or Shinzen Japanese Garden, as well as The Tower Theatre for Performing Arts.

  • Indio

    Known as the City of Festivals, Indio is home to the Indio International Tamale Festival in December, the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival in February, and the Coachella Music Festival in April. Among other activities, be sure to visit the Coachella Valley History Museum and the Shields Date Farm.

  • Las Vegas

    The most populous city in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is primarily known for gambling, shopping and nightlife. The city is famous for its mega casino-hotels, spectacular shows and other related entertainment. Not interested in gambling? Visit Red Rock Canyon and the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

  • Phoenix

    The capital and largest city of Arizona, Phoenix offers historic neighborhoods, museums, golf courses, and many art and cultural attractions. There is a great opportunity to enjoy outdoors while hiking, biking and climbing one of the three mountains surrounding the city.

  • Huntington Park

    Huntington Park was incorporated as a streetcar suburb for workers in the industries, expanding to the southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Take a walk at Salt Lake Park and shop at the farmers market to experience the city life.  

  • Colton
    Founded in 1875 in California, Colton features a wide array of business and residential areas, as well as historical sites. Take a walk on Meridian Street to discover the Hermosa Memorial Cemetery, then make your way to the Montecito Memorial Park on East Washington Street to check out the local history.