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Wanderu is the best way to find cheap travel from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Compare bus and train tickets in order to find a convenient time and low price. When booking your tickets with Wanderu, use the sorting features to help find tickets from your favorite bus carriers and to find the quickest route.

Book bus tickets from Las Vegas to San Francisco departing Las Vegas from the Greyhound station, 500 St. 1st St., 6675 Gillespie St., or the California Hotel & Casino and arrive in San Francisco at the Greyhound station, 5885 Horton St., W Oakland BART Station, or Caltrain Station. You’ll love the ease and affordability of a short ride between these two cities!

Departing from Las Vegas

One departure option when traveling from Las Vegas to San Francisco is to use multiple carriers such as LuxBus and Megabus or Boltbus and Amtrak. This route offers a departure location from 6675 Gillespie St. and arrives at Union Station in Los Angeles. From here you will depart using the Los Angeles Amtrak train to arrive at the Greyhound station on 200 Folsom St. in San Francisco. When reserving tickets on a bus from Las Vegas to San Francisco, make sure that you read the carrier’s baggage policy. By reviewing these guidelines and the total trip duration, you’ll make sure that you have a great trip!

If you prefer to have a direct route, choose to depart Las Vegas by bus on a Greyhound bus. Greyhound departs Las Vegas from the Greyhound Station on 200 S Main St., only a short distance from the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Arriving in San Francisco

If you choose to travel by bus from Las Vegas to San Francisco using multiple carriers, there are four drop-off locations that are available to choose from, the Greyhound station, Caltrain station, West Oakland BART Station, and 5885 Horton St. If you choose the West Oakland BART Station or 5885 Horton St. as a drop-off location, you would require the use of public transportation or car to get to downtown San Francisco as they are located in Emeryville and Oakland.

The Greyhound direct route from Las Vegas to San Francisco offers a drop-off location at the Greyhound station on 200 Folsom St. This location is convenient if you want to be dropped off near downtown San Francisco, this station location offers many attraction and dining options in the area.

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Al reservar tu viaje con Wanderu, podrás encontrar los mejores precios en boletos de autobús y tren en Estados Unidos, Canadá, México y Europa.. Si necesitas llegar a tu destino de manera urgente, no te preocupes; tenemos muchas opciones. Compra tu boleto de tren para ir de tren para Las Vegas a San Francisco y sáltate el tráfico.

Greyhound Bus Lines es el operador de autobús más grande de Estados Unidos. La empresa ofrece servicio en todo el territorio nacional, de costa a costa, llegando a más de 10000 ciudades dentro del país.

Amtrak es la operadora premier de tren de Estados Unidos. Amtrak ofrece un servicio eficiente de norte a sur y viceversa en las principales ciudades de la Costa Este y la Costa Oeste, así como también muchas rutas de costa a costa.