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Washington D.C. welcomes approximately 15 million people every year visiting the country's capital. National memorial parks and museums are major attractions of this city as well as over 100 restaurants downtown providing a fabulous dining experience. The center of all three federal governments are located in the city as well as some of the nations most historical monuments. The city is easily accesible by Washington DC bus and metro service.

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Washington DC Bus
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BoltBus, DC2NY, Greyhound, MegaBus, Tripper Bus, Vamoose, Washington Deluxe.

Top 5 places to visit:

  1. Eastern Market - A fresh food public market located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood.

  2. Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens - Tour through the home of the first president of the United States and Commander and Chief of American force in the Revolutionary war.

  3. The National Zoo - Founded in 1889, one of the oldest zoo's in the United States. The facility contains over 2,000 animals.

  4. Great Falls Park - Enjoy hiking, kayaking, and picnicking in front of the Grand Falls. Explore the area and observe the beautiful scenery and water falls.

  5. Old Town Alexandria - A historical location showing colonial houses, museums, churches, shopping, and restaurants.

United States Capital

The center of America government is the District of Columbia. Washington, DC is the 22nd most populous city in the States and one of the most visited places in the country to learn about American history. Washington, DC is home to the Smithsonian Institution, one of the world’s largest collection of museums, which you might be surprised to find out offers free admission.

Must See in DC

When in Washington, you shouldn’t miss visiting one of the most beloved monuments of America - The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. The national monument was built by a French-born American master designer Pierre L' Enfant, and it honors the sixteenth American president who saved the Union. You will be amazed by the overall composition and beauty of this place. You can stroll along the Reflecting Pool while contemplating Lincoln’s ideals. In fact, Martin Luther King gave the famous “I Have a Dream” speech right here in this place.

With such a rich offering of museums in Washington, DC, make sure to visit one of the best galleries and see the greatest art with you own eyes. The National Gallery of Art is surely one of the top choices for anyone who would like to see the amazing permanent collections and magnificent buildings. It should be also noted that you will pass through a splendid garden court adorned with fountains and greenery that will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

Another famous spot which won the Travelers’ Choice Award is The Library of Congress. The library is America’s oldest cultural institution and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Beyond its exquisite appearance, it is also famous for storing rare historic books and documents of the world class. Don’t miss out on Thomas Jefferson’s library, as his collection of books was sold to the US government 200 years ago.

There are so many things that you should see in the District, but you can’t really say that you’ve been here unless you visited The White House. Not only does the President of The United States lives here, but this building is one of the most iconic in America. You will see that there are plenty of events happening all over the year in the White House, and it is luxuriously decorated for Christmas. Don’t miss the chance to take a picture in front of the most famous house in the world!

You Too Can Eat Like a President

You can find food from around the world in the US capital. One excellent restaurant in Washington is the Balkan cuisine establishment Ambar. In case you are in a mood for sarma, slow cooked pork, schnitzel, kebab or cheese pie, you will enjoy indulging yourself in the delicious unlimited small plates and unique menu which is typical for the Balkans. This will definitely become one of your favorite places in Washington!

Another place worth visiting is the famous cocktail lab Barmini that offers an extraordinary dining experience. You will be surprised to see such an imaginative menu that will take you on an adventurous culinary journey. Appetizers are to die for and the interior will make you feel like you’re attending a fabulous party. Don’t forget to book a seat in advance!

If you opt for flavors of India, then make sure not to miss the modern Indian cuisine restaurant Rasika. Apart from the modern lounge, this place offers excellent Indian food such as lamb nihari, gulab jamuns, pepper crab, date pudding and many more. Everything is cooked to perfection and you will enjoy every bite of food you eat here. This is one of the best Indian food restaurants on the East Coast!

The Easiest Way to Reach Washington

The biggest bus network Greyhound will ensure that you have a safe and fast trip to your destination from major cities on the east coast including Boston and New York. Another great way to reach the American capital is the country’s premier train carrier Amtrak which operates across the country. Lastly, if you are flying in DC, then you will be using one of the 3 modern-looking international airports which offer around 2,200 non-stop flights on daily basis.

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