Los Angeles to Las Vegas Greyhound Bus – Sin City Guide

A little while back Greyhound launched express Greyhound Los Angeles to Las Vegas bus service.

Las Vegas is only a short hop, skip, or jump away via bus. The LA to Vegas Bus will take you right to the bright lights in the heart of the Nevada desert, and with so much to offer in Las Vegas, it’s no wonder that the demand for LA to Las Vegas bus travel is at an all-time high.

The Los Angeles to Las Vegas bus by Greyhound operates under their casino service brand Lucky Streak and the Greyhound Express bus brand. Unlike other carriers the Greyhound Las Vegas round trip service offers tickets that are open ended instead of reserved, which means if you need a few more days in Las Vegas you can easily delay the bus trip from Las Vegas to LA by a few days without having to do anything extra.

Tickets with advanced purchase are as low as $9 which is a great deal for the 5 hour Los Angeles to Las Vegas bus.

The Los Angeles to Las Vegas  bus departs from the GREYHOUND Station, 1716 E 7TH ST, Los Angeles, CA 90021

And arrives at: LAS VEGAS GREYHOUND Station, 200 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV

With the Greyhound Los Angeles to Las Vegas buses departing almost every hour you’re good to go.

Las Vegas to LA Greyhound

Megabus recently introduced the Megabus Los Angeles to Las Vegas service. For all your bus needs Wanderu has you covered with the fastest way to find cheap bus tickets to Vegas.

Our advice on what to do once you get to Vegas? Thats easy! Check out the Bellagio.

Fountains at Bellagio – One of the great things about Las Vegas is that there are many things to see and do that won’t cost you a penny. One of the most breathtaking of those takes place about every 20 minutes right in the middle of the Vegas strip. Jets of water shoot hundreds of feet into the air, all set in time to pieces of classical music. It’s an amazing sight that you should check out during the day and at night.

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    I recently purchased a round trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I departed Las Vegas, Friday, Mar.1, 2013. My return trip was scheduled for 3-4-13. However, I was unable to make that return trip as my business here in Los Angeles took much longer than anticipated. My question is….”Can I reserve passage for Friday, 3-8-13, and if so, is there any penalty fee? Also, I need to know the departure times. If you can respond today, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You, Mr.. Gary Hicks

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