Photo of New York's Central Park in fall, with bright autumn colors.

The Best Cities in the U.S. for Fall Outdoor Activities

From the number and quality of each city’s parks to the average temperature and precipitation, these are the top 25 places to fully experience autumn.

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Photo of a girl and her dog before they board the Amtrak train.
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Guide to Amtrak Travel With Pets

Traveling on a train with your cat or dog can be stressful. In this guide, we review Amtrak’s pet policy, including their guidelines for service animals.

Photo of a Peter Pan Bus Lines bus at a curbside stop.
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How to Read Your Peter Pan Bus Ticket

In this guide we answer all your most frequently asked questions about Peter Pan boarding passes, including how to change or exchange your ticket.

Photo of a Greyhound bus headed to Washington, D.C.
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How to Read Your Greyhound Ticket

Do you have to print out your Greyhound ticket? How can you exchange your ticket for a new one? We answer your essential questions in this complete guide.

Photo of the Amtrak Acela passing through the Northeast Corridor.
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How to Read Your Amtrak Ticket

Do you have to print your ticket? How can you check your train’s status? We answer your most burning Amtrak questions here.

Cinematic photo of The Colosseum in Rome at sunrise.

How to Visit Italy’s Top Destinations for Under $130

From Pompeii and the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, travel Italy by bus to see the best sites the country has to offer.