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About Greyhound

Greyhound Lines, also known as Greyhound Bus, is one of the most iconic bus company brands in the world offering low-cost, safe and reliable service throughout North America. It is the largest nationwide bus carrier in the United States, and also provides bus service in Canada and Mexico.

Founded in 1914 by Carl Wickman in Hibbing, Minnesota, Greyhound has been operating for more than 100 years. Greyhound has become a household name and a staple in more than 568 cities, serving over 16 million passengers per year with 31,022 daily trips going to over 2,400 different destinations. Greyhound connects with more than a dozen different intercity bus carriers across the country allowing them to sell bus tickets for each other’s lines. This makes Greyhound the catalyst behind the largest bus network in the United States which helps bring all of its customers cheap and affordable bus tickets.

Greyhound bus has been an official Wanderu partner since May 2014. Wanderu makes it easy to find the best deals on Greyhound bus tickets at no additional cost. You can easily search Greyhound schedules, compare and book cheap Greyhound bus tickets on Wanderu.

 #4 Students' Favorite

#4 Students' Favorite

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Greyhound Amenities

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Greyhound bus coverage

Daily Trips31,022

What travelers are saying about Greyhound

Here’s what Wanderu users who have booked trips with Greyhound had to say about their travel experience.

Traveling During COVID-19

"The bus was cleaned well to prevent the spread of covid."
based on 1431 reviews

Onboard Experience

"The onboard wifi with movie selection was an added bonus."
based on 2787 reviews
"Great customer service."
based on 3273 reviews
"Convenient, efficient, good value."
based on 4258 reviews
"All times were within 10 minutes!"
based on 3925 reviews
"I liked the space and the comfortable seating."
based on 3704 reviews
"It was so comfortable and clean!"
based on 4052 reviews

Greyhound reviews from Wanderu customers

Overall review score for Greyhound

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Greyhound passenger reviews



May 12, 2024- Visiting friends

New York to Washington

Pros: Excellent and safe driver! Cons: N/A. Tips: Use bus services more often because it is great and safe!



May 6, 2024- Vacation

New York to Washington

Pros: The seats were very comfy, temp was also very comfortable. we arrived 1 hr early which was great cause of the time we were traveling. Also maybe more leg room would be nice. Cons: Maybe the driver could avoid hitting all the potholes since we all were probably trying to sleep since it was after midnight. Tips: Overall my experience with greyhound was great. Best part was the seats very comfy. Maybe more leg room would be nice.



April 25, 2024- Visiting family

New York to Washington

Pros: I felt comfortable and safe! Cons: The seats were a bit old. The Wi-Fi was not very slow too. Tips: Use this stuff.



April 22, 2024- Regular commuter

New York to Philadelphia

Pros: It arrived and departed on time, there was space for my luggage, and staff was knowledgeable and professional. Charging outlets worked as well. Cons: Having an assigned seat is great for peace of mind as far as scheduling goes, but on a trip where the bus isn't full, I would prefer to sit by myself. It was made clear to passengers that they are expected to be in their assigned seats for the trip.



April 10, 2024- Business

New York to Philadelphia

We stood in line waiting for our 7:30 bus for 30 minutes before we were informed that the bus driver was not present, and they did not know how long the delay would be. When the bus driver finally arrived (45 minutes late) she stood in the doorway without announcing herself or apologizing for the delay, and then rudely said "You can get on the bus now" to those of us waiting in line. As we approached our first stop, a woman was speaking on the phone loudly and another customer asked the bus driver for assistance, who proceeded to threaten to kick the woman off the bus. Then, as we got back on the road an elderly woman kindly asked the driver what time we would be arriving (as we had been delayed), who then proceeded to scream at her stating "I DON' KNOW. I CAN'T SPEAK TO YOU WHILE I AM DRIVING". She pulled the bus over to continue the argument, which ended in us having no answer as to when we would be arriving. As we continued driving, she then swerved and pulled the bus over on a bridge to yell at people on the bus who called her rude for the way she spoke to the woman. She screamed at everyone on the bus, threatening to kick us off, leave the bus, or call the police. Customers on the bus asked if she was okay, which only fueled her anger. As we continued (now after the 3rd time stopping on the side of the road), she used the loudspeaker to tell everyone having private conversations to shut up. I was truly appalled by her behavior and I felt extremely unsafe.

Greyhound Routes & Network

Greyhound’s bus network features 14761 bus routes that connect 568 cities serving 601 stations. On average, Greyhound performs about 31022 bus trips every day. The top cities to which Greyhound offers the highest number of daily bus service include New York and Syracuse.

Top Cities Served by Greyhound

CityRouteEarliest busLatest bus
New York464:05 am4:55 am
Boston484:20 am3:50 am
Washington474:01 am3:50 am
Philadelphia224:05 am3:50 am
Los Angeles186:10 am4:55 am
Chicago164:05 am4:55 am
Hartford204:20 am3:50 am
Newark194:05 am3:50 am
Montreal164:01 am3:50 am

Most popular Greyhound routes

The bus from New York to Syracuse is Greyhound’s most popular route. Trips from New York to Washington and New York to Philadelphia are also highly popular.

Top Greyhound routes

RouteDaily TripsDurationPrice
New York to Syracuse95h 40m$28
New York to Washington205h 39m$9
New York to Philadelphia212h 27m$5
New York to Boston165h 28m$19
New York to Hartford123h 4m$15
Boston to Hartford72h 18m$23
Toronto to New York517h 17m$47
San Diego to Los Angeles244h 47m$16
New York to Montreal59h 32m$39

Greyhound Cancellation Policy

Greyhound tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. It’s always a good idea to double check your travel details before completing your booking, especially for non-refundable tickets.

You can change your Greyhound bus ticket for a different travel date by calling Greyhound’s customer service phone number at +1 (800) 231-2222. Greyhound charges a ticket exchange fee of $20 USD, and changes must be requested before the bus departs. You can change the date and time of the trip, but not the departure or arrival locations.

Wanderu also offers an affordable trip protection option by Allianz Global Assistance that you can purchase when booking your tickets. In addition to 24-hour assistance during your trip and coverage for lost or damaged baggage, trip protection can help you get your money back in case you need to cancel or change your trip. You may be reimbursed if you cancel your bus trip due to covered reasons such as illness, extreme weather, or required work shifts. If you need to change your ticket, you may also file a claim to have the $20 Greyhound change fee reimbursed.

Greyhound Baggage Policy

Carry On Bags: You can bring one bag up to 25 lbs (or 11 kg) on to the bus with you. The bag must be able to fit into the overhead bin or fully under the seat in front of you.

Checked Baggage: You are allowed to bring up to 2 bags that will be placed under the bus for the duration of your trip. Each bag needs to be less than 50 lbs (or 22.5 kg), with a maximum total size of 62 inches when the width, length and height of the bag are all added up.

Traveling on Greyhound with Disabilities

If you have a disability or reduced mobility, Greyhound will provide service in accordance with the ADA and work to ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible. If you would like assistance during any part of your journey, ask the driver or a customer service representative and they can assist you with boarding, or help you store mobility aids or baggage. Service animals and other mobility aids like canes or walkers are always welcome onboard, depending on your needs.

The first row of Greyhound buses is reserved for the elderly and customers with disabilities. When booking your Greyhound ticket on Wanderu, you can add a wheelchair seat to your reservation on the Trip Summary page. Greyhound buses are equipped with a wheelchair lift, and you can either travel sitting in your wheelchair, or board the bus and then stow your wheelchair or mobility scooter in the baggage compartment.

Traveling with a Group on Greyhound

Want to travel as a group on Greyhound? You can book up to five tickets in one reservation on Wanderu. Simply add more travelers on the Trip Summary page, and then type each passenger’s name on the checkout page.

If you choose to print the tickets at home, the email address on the reservation will receive the tickets for each of the passengers traveling on the bus. Alternatively, you could choose to pick up the tickets for your group at the bus station by selecting the will-call option on the checkout page.

Greyhound Bus Guide & FAQs

Yes, you can reschedule your Greyhound tickets for another date or time. A $20 change fee applies in addition to any difference in the ticket price.
No, Greyhound tickets are typically nonrefundable, unless you purchase a more expensive ticket that explicitly includes the flexibility to refund it.

Yes, Greyhound offers WiFi on their buses. Although most trips with Greyhound will have WiFi as advertised, some buses might not come equipped with WiFi and onboard WiFi can lose its connection in rural areas. We recommend you bring a book or download a movie just to play it safe. Greyhound WiFi is generally best used for surfing the web, checking emails and chatting with friends; you shouldn’t count on the WiFi to binge watch your favorite show.

Most Greyhound buses have between 50 and 55 passenger seats. However, depending on the bus model, some buses in Greyhound’s fleet might have smaller or larger capacities.

Yes, there are power outlets onboard Greyhound buses. You can generally find one or two sockets per row of seats, so be a good traveller and check if your seat neighbor might want to charge up their devices as well. With the onboard power outlets, you can charge both a computer and USB devices with a USB power adapter that typically comes with most phones and tablets.

Since Greyhound might sometimes use replacement bus vehicles, not all trips are guaranteed to have power points. We recommend to bring a power bank to charge your phone for all trips over 2 hours, just in case.

On a typical day, Greyhound has 31022 scheduled bus trips in total. However, the exact departure and arrival times vary depending on the day and route. The best way to find the exact schedule for your trip is to use the search tool on this page.

No, Greyhound does not offer will call tickets. You should purchase your tickets online and make sure you have everything you need to board before you arrive at the station.

Greyhound does not allow pets or animals onboard the bus. The only exception to this policy is for trained service animals accompanying a passenger with a disability.

On Greyhound buses, one infant (under the age of 2) can ride for free if they sit on an adult's lap. All passengers older than 2 will need a standard, full-priced ticket for travel.

Yes, identification is typically required for Greyhound travel. While the specific identification requirements may vary based on the route and destination, Greyhound usually asks passengers to provide a valid government-issued photo ID when purchasing tickets and boarding their buses. This ID helps ensure the safety and security of passengers during their journey. It's advisable to check Greyhound's website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their identification requirements, as policies may change over time.

Is it possible to make changes to my Greyhound ticket?

Yes, it is typically possible to modify your Greyhound ticket, but the specific rules and fees for making changes may vary based on the type of ticket you've purchased and Greyhound's policies at the time of your booking. To make changes to your ticket, such as altering the date or time of your trip, it's best to contact Greyhound's customer service or visit their website for detailed information on their change policies and any associated fees. Keep in mind that some tickets, particularly non-refundable ones, might have more limited change options.

Thanks to Greyhound’s BusTracker tool, you can easily track your Greyhound bus online and know when it is expected to arrive. Live status updates show your bus’ progress and where it is along its route. This is also a helpful tool if someone is picking you up from the arrival station.

Sure thing! It’s actually cheaper to do so on Wanderu. Greyhound normally charges an $18 USD fee to buy a ticket that will be used by another person. You can avoid this fee by quickly and easily ordering a ticket on Wanderu for the person who will be traveling. Just make sure you enter their personal details in the passenger information fields.

At check-out, you can choose a print-at-home ticket (which will be emailed to you, and you can forward it to the traveler) or a will-call ticket (which the traveler can pick up at the station).

Yes, there are bathrooms on Greyhound buses. The bathrooms are pretty basic and include a toilet, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Most bathrooms don’t have running water. As you will be using a bathroom on a moving vehicle, please use caution and hold on to a rail at all times.

Greyhound allows bikes to be transported in the under-bus baggage compartment for a fee. Make sure that your bicycle is packaged into an approved bike box or container. The container must be securely sealed for the trip.

Bicycles count as an oversized item. Depending on the station that you depart from, they might need to be shipped through Greyhound Package Express. If your bike needs to be shipped via Greyhound Package Express, the fee is between $42 to $52 USD, based on the distance you travel. Please contact the carrier ahead of time for an exact quote on how much it would cost to bring your bicycle.

If you do not have an ID, you must contact Greyhound directly to ask what options there are for you to travel without an ID. For example, you may be able to set up a password to collect your will-call ticket and/or board the bus.

Greyhound does not offer meals or beverages onboard. We recommend you bring a drink and some snacks for your trip. We also suggest packing a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your impact on the environment. However, note that most buses do not allow you to bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Greyhound does not require a printed ticket to board the bus. Instead, an eTicket is sent to you by email when you make your reservation. You can use your smartphone to show this eTicket to the ticketing agent as you board.

Greyhound goes the extra distance to deliver premium features to its customers.

Movies are provided during the bus trip to keep you entertained. Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of headphones, as headphones are not always included on the bus. We recommend in-ear noise cancelling headphones due to their small size.

Board games are all the rage these days and Greyhound is keeping up with the latest trends by providing games you can play with your seat neighbors.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone aged 17 or older in order to travel on a Greyhound bus. Anyone over the age of 17 qualifies as an adult when traveling on Greyhound.

Children between the ages of 12 and 16 may travel on Greyhound unaccompanied. However, there are certain restrictions and important procedures that you must follow. An Unaccompanied Child Form must be completed in person at the bus station, and tickets for unaccompanied minors cannot be purchased online.

Cheap Greyhound tickets recently found on Wanderu

With 31,022 Greyhound trips per day, there are a lot of great deals to uncover for the bargain hunter and Greyhound tickets start at just $4.49. Check out some of the latest and greatest deals snatched up by Wanderu users.

How do I get the best deal on Greyhound tickets?

Wanderu is the best place to score cheap Greyhound tickets with the lowest available fares every day. Plus, you can compare Greyhound prices with trips offered by other bus companies to be sure you’re getting the best deal on your tickets!

Pro travelers know that booking your ticket well in advance is key to finding the lowest price. Ticket prices normally go up the closer you get to the travel date, so don’t miss out on a good deal when you see one. If you can be flexible with your travel date, you can also get cheap tickets by traveling on weekdays instead of weekends.

When you’re ready to book, type your departure city and destination city in the search bar above, select your travel date, and let Wanderu work its magic to show you all of the best bus and train ticket prices available for your trip. Pick the ticket that’s best for your budget, schedule, and preferences, and complete the booking right on Wanderu to secure your great deal.

Greyhound’s Commitment to Sustainability

Did you know that traveling by bus has one of the smallest carbon footprints of any mode of transport? Greyhound is committed to implementing sustainable technologies and policies across its bus network.

All Greyhound buses are designed to reduce the impact on the environment. This includes engines that minimize emissions and maximize efficiency; for example, by running on low-sulfur diesel fuel. You’ll also notice that buses limit the time spent idling to reduce emissions at stations. A green thumbs-up for Greyhound, and one for you too, for choosing to travel by bus.

Safe Travel on Greyhound

Your safety while traveling is important, for you and for everyone who wishes you “safe travels!” Greyhound is committed to providing a safe and comfortable trip, starting right at your seat. Every seat is equipped with three-point seatbelts, which work with standard child seats, too.

Greyhound drivers complete rigorous training, including driving in inclement weather and at night, to make sure they’re ready to get you to your destination safely. In fact, Greyhound has consistently received the Department of Transportation’s highest possible safety rating. Sandra Bullock in Speed could never.

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