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Wanderu How-Tos

Photo of a girl and her dog before they board the Amtrak train.
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Travel on Amtrak Trains With Pets

Traveling on a train with your cat or dog can be stressful. In this guide, we review Amtrak’s pet policy, including their guidelines for service animals.

Wanderu How-Tos

How to Transfer Between Buses

You can reach even more destinations on bus trips with transfers. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know for a stress-free transfer between buses.

Hands holding a Greyhound bus ticket
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Avoid Greyhound’s Prepaid Ticket Fee and Save Money on Bus Tickets

We share this insider tip for avoiding an unnecessary fee on Greyhound bus tickets. Because saving you money on bus travel is kind of our thing.

Fleet of buses
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Cancel or Change a Bus Ticket

We break down how to change or cancel your bus ticket, including the specific policies for some of the most popular carriers on Wanderu.

A VIA Rail train pulls into the station with mountains in the background
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Cancel or Change a VIA Rail Ticket

We break down VIA Rail’s cancellation policies and share everything you need to know about rescheduling or canceling your train ticket. Because sometimes cancel culture is a good thing.

An Amtrak train pulls into the station during a snowstorm
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Cancel or Change an Amtrak Ticket

Life happens, and your travel plans can get derailed. We’ve outlined all the information you need to know to cancel or reschedule your Amtrak trip.

Wanderu How-Tos

How to Travel with Your Bicycle by Bus or Train

We’ve gathered all the intel you need for traveling with a bike on a bus or train. In most cases, it just takes a bit of planning ahead.

BoltBus driving in Portland, Oregon.
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Read Your BoltBus Ticket

Find all the answers to your BoltBus-related questions in this guide, including whether you need to print your ticket and what to do if you miss the bus.

Photo of a Megabus driving through Hoston, Texas.
Wanderu How-Tos

How to Read Your Megabus Ticket

In this guide we answer all your Megabus-related questions, including why your confirmation email is so important and how to change your trip.

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