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From ranking the best party hubs in the U.S. to calculating the cheapest European capitals, these data-driven studies and trend reports are sure to spark your next adventure.

A traveler with their dog soak in the sunshine at a dog-friendly beach park
Studies & Insights

The Best Cities in the U.S. to Visit with Your Dog

This study compares cities’ number of pet services, dog parks, and more to sniff out the best U.S. cities to visit with your pup.

Studies & Insights

Hotels vs. Airbnb in a Covid-19 World: Which is Cheaper?

We analyzed pricing data to answer the question that’s on every current traveler’s mind: is a hotel or an Airbnb cheaper during Covid?

Scenic photo of Yellowstone National Park.
Studies & Insights

Ranking the Most Instagrammed (& Instagrammable) U.S. National Parks

Nothing brightens up your Instagram feed like a hit of natural beauty. Here we rank all 62 National Parks based on how picturesque IG users find them.

Overhead photo of beachgoers during spring break.
Studies & Insights

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Destinations for Spring Break

This list ranks the 50 most popular spring break destinations in the U.S. based on the average cost of flights, hotel rooms, cocktails, pints of beer, and the total number of cheap bars.

Romantic image of a couple watching the sunset.
Studies & Insights

Long-Distance Relationships by the Numbers: Infographic

Even if you can’t be with your partner on Valentine’s Day, the results of this survey will make you feel good about the future of your LDR.

Photo of a girl at the airport, contemplating what to eat.
Studies & Insights

Ranking: The Best & Worst Airports for Food in the U.S.

Airports aren’t known for their food, but some have solid options. We ranked the 50 biggest airports in the U.S. based on which have the best dining.

Photo of a bus traveling overnight between cities.
Studies & Insights

8 Overnight Buses That Are Cheaper Than a Plane or Train

Taking a red eye on a bus costs a fraction of a flight, and means you can sleep during transit before waking up refreshed and ready in your destination.

The view through a plane window as the aircraft ascends into the clouds.
Studies & Insights

The 10 Cheapest City Pairs for a Multi-City Trip

Hit two cities on your next trip. On these multi-city flight and bus/train routes, you can visit a pair of places for the price of one.

Photo of the cathedral in Florence, Italy — the most cultured city in Europe.
Studies & Insights

Ranking the Most Cultured Cities in Europe

Smart travelers build their itineraries around landmarks like museums, historic sites, churches and cathedrals. Here we rank the most culturally compelling cities across the Old Continent.