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Studies & Insights

From ranking the best party hubs in the U.S. to calculating the cheapest European capitals, these data-driven studies and trend reports are sure to spark your next adventure.

Studies & Insights

The Top 25 Cities for a Spring Break Girls Trip

Spring break has a reputation for being kinda skeezy. Not your ideal vacation? We have an alternative: a spring break girls trip.

Christmas Tree at Union Station
Studies & Insights

2023 Holiday Travel Report: How Much it Costs to Travel by Bus or Train for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Don’t waste money on overpriced tickets! We dug into the Wanderu data to find the cheapest days for bus and train travel this holiday season.

Studies & Insights

The Worst Cities to Live in During a Zombie Apocalypse

Got plans for the apocalypse? Discover the best and worst cities for surviving a zombie outbreak with Wanderu’s data-driven study.

An Amtrak train weaves through fall foliage in New England.
Studies & Insights

The Best Fall Foliage Train Routes in North America

These are the top 10 train routes to travel in autumn, based on average price during the season, trips per day, and other key factors.

Studies & Insights

College Cities that Have the Most Dark Academia Vibes

From ivy-covered brick to hidden libraries, discover the top dark academia destinations that embody this literary-inspired subculture.

Studies & Insights

The Most Famous Streets in the U.S., According to Instagram

From Ocean Drive to the Vegas Strip, let these Insta-worthy destinations spark your wanderlust and inspire your photography game!

A dinosaur statue, part of the Cabazon Dinosaurs landmark in Cabazon, CA
Studies & Insights

National Oddities: The Most Popular Peculiar Landmarks in the U.S., According to TikTok

From the weird to the utterly absurd, the U.S. has some wacky landmarks for travelers to see. Discover the most popular odd landmarks according to TikTok here.

Train - most sustainable modes of transportation
Studies & Insights

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Travel?

Understanding your personal carbon footprint (and how to reduce it) can be a meaningful way to embrace sustainability and adopt greener travel habits.

Introductory graphic for a blog about peak-travel time vacation rentals across major U.S. cities.
Studies & Insights

Comparing the Cost of Peak-Time Travel Vacation Rentals Across Major U.S. Destination Cities

Need help planning a summer trip that doesn’t break the bank? See the U.S. vacation destinations with the most and least expensive peak-time Airbnbs here.

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