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From ranking the best party hubs in the U.S. to calculating the cheapest European capitals, these data-driven studies and trend reports are sure to spark your next adventure.

Photo of the cathedral in Florence, Italy — the most cultured city in Europe.
Studies & Insights

Ranking the Most Cultured Cities in Europe

Smart travelers build their itineraries around landmarks like museums, historic sites, churches and cathedrals. Here we rank the most culturally compelling cities across the Old Continent.

A flight of craft beer on a sunny day.
Studies & Insights

These Are the Best Craft Beer Cities in the U.S.

This study compares the number of high-quality breweries and bars, beer quality and the average price for a pint in America’s biggest cities.

An Amtrak train weaves through fall foliage in New England.
Studies & Insights

The Best Fall Foliage Train Routes in North America

These are the top 10 train routes to travel in autumn, based on average price during the season, trips per day, and other key factors.

Photo of New York's Central Park in fall, with bright autumn colors.
Studies & Insights

The Best Cities in the U.S. for Fall Outdoor Activities

From the number and quality of each city’s parks to the average temperature and precipitation, these are the top 25 places to fully experience autumn.

Friends drink beer in the sun in front of a wall of graffiti.
Studies & Insights

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Drinking Cities in the U.S.

Few things rack up as quickly as a bar tab. With that in mind, we set out to identify the cheapest and most expensive drinking cities in the country.

Studies & Insights

The Top 25 Cities for a Spring Break Girls Trip

Spring break has a reputation for being kinda skeezy. Not your ideal vacation? We have an alternative: a spring break girls trip.

Photo of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles at sunset.
Studies & Insights

Here Are the States & Countries With the Most Oscar Wins for Acting

These maps of the U.S. and Europe show the birthplace of every Oscar winner in the four primary acting categories since the debut Academy Awards in 1929.

Crowds near the beach in downtown Los Angeles
Studies & Insights

The 25 Best Cities to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

These are the top 25 cities in the U.S. for single people on Valentine’s Day based on which provide the best, most affordable activities to treat yourself.

Cheapest & most expensive capitals in Europe for travelers.
Studies & Insights

All European Capitals Ranked from Cheapest to Most Expensive for Travelers

All capitals in Europe ranked based on the average rates for hotels, taxi, public transit, food, beer, coffee & museums to help you travel on a budget.

Train - most sustainable modes of transportation
Studies & Insights

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Travel?

It’s more important now than ever before to understand what is causing our personal carbon footprint to grow and what we can do to reduce it.