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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Tips and Tricks for Taking the Bus to the Airport

To jump from bus seat to plane seat without breaking a sweat, read up on our tips and tricks for taking the bus to the airport.

Travel Tips

Bus Carriers with Onboard Entertainment

From exclusive games to popular movies, we share all the onboard entertainment various carriers provide to keep boredom at bay on the bus.

Travel Tips

How to Get the Best Sleep on a Bus or Train

You might think it takes some sort of sorcery to be able to sleep on buses and trains. But really, you just need to be let in on the sleep secrets.

Amtrak Train
Travel Tips

How Much Luggage You Can Bring on Trains: A Complete Guide

Before you pack your bags, take a moment to read through this guide to help you pick your bags.

A blue bus is parked on the street lined with orange trees
Travel Tips

Ranking Bus & Train Carriers’ Cancellation Policies from Most to Least Flexible

We’ve all had to embrace uncertainty recently. So if your travel plans could change, reference this guide to see which carriers have more flexible cancellation policies.

A bus and several rental cars are stopped on the road
Travel Tips

Renting a Car vs. Taking the Bus or Train: Pros & Cons

Utilizing our extensive expertise on each of these travel modes, we’ve compiled some ideas to help you decide what will work best for you.

Travel Tips

What Kind of ID You Need to Travel by Bus or Train

We break down everything you need to know about the kind of ID to bring when setting off on your next bus or train adventure.

Travel Tips

What to Do if You’re Stranded During Coronavirus

Did COVID-19 upend your travel plans and leave you stuck some place far away? Here are some things you can do to get home.

A group of travelers with trip protection board a bus.
Travel Tips

Why Trip Protection on Bus and Train Travel Is Totally Worth It

Wanderu now offers trip protection. Learn about what these policies cover, when you should consider a plan and how to file a claim.

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