Someone wise once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” With that motto in mind, we composed these creative bus and train trips tailor-made for an epic experience.

Cinematic photo of The Colosseum in Rome at sunrise.

How to Visit Italy’s Top Destinations for Under $130

From Pompeii and the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, travel Italy by bus to see the best sites the country has to offer.

Image of Chiku posing like Hamilton.

Take the Ultimate “Hamilton” Tour for Less Than $400

Follow in the steps of Alexander Hamilton on this bus and train tour that hits sites featured in the hit Broadway musical.

Photo of a wine glass perched on a rail overlooking a vineyard.

The Perfect DIY West Coast & East Coast Wine Tours Are Under $300 Each

Whether you prefer East Coast or West Coast grapes, these two itineraries hit the country’s premier wine regions by bus and train travel.

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

How to Visit 8 Awesome Cities in the Netherlands for Less Than $100

For less than $100, this whirlwind tour of Amsterdam and beyond will give you a spin through Holland’s greatest hits—from city to country to coast.

Photo of classic architecture in Laon, France.

How to Visit 10 Stunning Cities in France for Under $150

Beginning and ending in Paris, this giant loop will take you to 10 of the most alluring French cities for less than $150.

Photo of the outside of the White House on a sunny day.

These 3 Road Trips Will Take You to the Homes of 21 U.S. Presidents

These three itineraries allow you to visit 26 homes of former United States Presidents, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan.

Most instagrammed castles in Germany.

The Most Instagrammed Castles in Germany & How to Visit Them by Train for Less Than $400

We found the most popular German castles on Instagram and built an itinerary to help you travel to the top 10 by train for less than $400.

Travel to all baseball stadiums in North America.

The Best Way to Visit All Major League Baseball Stadiums for Under $1,000

Through a combination of bus and train rides, and a few flights, we found the most efficient way to travel to every single MLB stadium for under $1,000.


How to Travel From London to Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels for Dirt Cheap

Here’s the best way to score some really cheap tickets and travel from London to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, and create your own European travel package.


How to Visit 5 Major UK Cities for Less Than £60

We’ve discovered the best way to find cheap coach tickets and travel to five of the most famous cities in the United Kingdom.