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Bus Carriers with Onboard Entertainment

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Traveling by bus offers views of remarkable landscapes along your journey. But “I Spy” can only get you so far. Even the most enthusiastic traveler can be blindsided by that creeping sensation: boredom.

Luckily, most buses are outfitted with the ultimate necessity, WiFi, along with other amenities to deck out your trip.

And some bus companies go above and beyond to include entertainment options that you can access during your travels. From exclusive games to popular movies, we share all the onboard entertainment various carriers provide to keep boredom at bay on the bus.

Bus Companies with Entertainment Amenities

Give these carriers a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ⭐ because they offer premium entertainment right from your seat. Here are the details for some of the most popular American bus companies who come through with movies and more.


If you’ve downloaded the BestBus app and connect to BestBus’ onboard WiFi, you can access free entertainment right from your device. Movie and TV options are updated frequently, so even frequent travelers have plenty of options to choose from on every trip.

FlixBus US

Once you connect to FlixBus US’ free WiFi, you’ll have access to a plethora of entertainment, including movies, e-books, audiobooks, and games from their entertainment portal. Just open while connected to the bus WiFi to get started.


Greyhound’s WiFi is the key to their onboard entertainment system. Once connected on your device, go to to pick from a frequently-updated movie and TV library or challenge yourself with various games.

PandaNY Bus

Some PandaNY buses are equipped with screens to view movies during the trip. Remember to bring headphones to listen to the audio since they don’t blast the whole bus with sound – for good reason, of course.


When you travel on Tufesa, you’ll be able to access a digital movie system, and some buses are even equipped with larger screens to show a movie to the whole bus.

Wanda Coach

Wanda Coach offers free WiFi and access to a selection of movies during your bus ride. Some buses play movies on an overhead screen, while others provide movies via a WiFi connection. Ask your bus driver how to access Wanda Coach’s entertainment options on your specific bus.

Tips to Enjoy Onboard Entertainment

Most of us know how to binge a new TV show by now. But when you’re watching on a bus, keep these things in mind to make the most of your entertainment experience:

  • Bring headphones. Be considerate to your fellow passengers, and use headphones to avoid blasting your movie’s audio to the whole bus.
  • Pack a charger. Since most onboard entertainment is accessed from your own mobile device, a full battery is vital. Even if you didn’t board the bus fully charged, most buses have power outlets to fuel up onboard.
  • If you’re not sure, ask! Since the amenities can vary from bus to bus (even within the same bus company), you can always ask for details about the available entertainment from customer service staff before boarding. You can also ask the driver, but it’s safest to ask before they begin driving.
  • Have a backup plan. Of course, all of these options are subject to availability. Bus companies do their absolute best to offer you premium amenities during the whole trip, but hey, WiFi can get spotty. Pack a book or prepare a Netflix movie to watch offline just in case your bus travels through a dead zone.

How to Find a Trip with Entertainment

If you prioritize movies as much as you prioritize travel, access to entertainment can be a deciding factor in your travel plans (and you probably have watched all these travel-themed movies and travel-themed TV shows at least once).

Wanderu’s got your back. Not only do we partner with hundreds of carriers to compare all the best ground travel options in one place, but we also provide filters to help you find the trip that fits your needs. Including your entertainment needs!

Once you search for a route, you can easily filter the results on the search page by travel mode, departure or arrival time, and, yes, amenities. To avoid boredom at all costs, click the checkboxes next to Movies or Games (or both) to show trips from carriers who offer the corresponding entertainment options onboard.

You can also refer to the Trip Details of any search result by clicking “Details” and “See More” next to the amenities icon to learn which amenities are included: from movies and games to WiFi and restrooms.

Opening trip details on Wanderu search results to view amenities icons

Even if you travel on a bus or train carrier without entertainment systems, as long as you have WiFi, you’ll be able to binge Netflix or any of these free streaming alternatives. Or you could just spend the bus ride catching some Z’s.

No matter what your travel priorities, Wanderu is here for you. Download the Wanderu app to score the best deals on bus and train travel on the go. After all, who could be bored when you’re planning your next thrilling adventure?

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