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About Bayerische Regiobahn

Bayerische Regiobahn is a popular train company offering very affordable ticket options to top travel destinations. You will always find the cheapest Bayerische Regiobahn tickets by searching Overall, Bayerische Regiobahn serves 17 routes, connecting 4 cities in one country. To cover all these routes Bayerische Regiobahn runs an average of 37 trips per day and 74 trips per month. These train trips range in price from £1.39 to £19.48 based on a variety of factors.


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Daily Trips37

Bayerische Regiobahn train amenities


Is there WiFi on a Bayerische Regiobahn train?

No, Bayerische Regiobahn does not offer WiFi at this time. We find that a good book makes the time fly by and streaming services like Netflix allow you download TV shows and films that you can then watch during your trip. Plan ahead and you will stay entertained during the entire train ride.

Are there power points on a Bayerische Regiobahn train? Are there USB points?

Bayerische Regiobahn doesn’t offer power points on their train trips at this time. We suggest you charge up your laptop ahead of time and bring a power bank for your phone to extend its battery life for the duration of the trip. And remember - a good book doesn’t require any power.

Does Bayerische Regiobahn offer will call tickets, that you pick up at the station?

No, currently Bayerische Regiobahn does not offer will call tickets. You should purchase your tickets online and make sure you have everything you need to board before you arrive at the station or stop.

Do you need an ID to get on a Bayerische Regiobahn train?

Yes, Bayerische Regiobahn requires you to present an ID to an agent to be allowed to board the train. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements. Alternative IDs, like a university ID, won’t work.

Can you use your phone to board Bayerische Regiobahn?

Yes, you can board Bayerische Regiobahn by showing your E Ticket on your phone. The E Ticket is emailed to when you make your reservation. To save yourself the trouble of digging through your inbox to find your ticket, get the Wanderu app and pull up your ticket with one click.

Are there toilets on Bayerische Regiobahn trains?

Yes, there are toilets on Bayerische Regiobahn train trips. The cubicles are pretty basic and include a toilet, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Most cubicles don’t have running water. As you will be using a toilet on a moving vehicle, please use caution and hold on to a rail at all times.

Are meals or drinks offered onboard Bayerische Regiobahn trips?

Bayerische Regiobahn does not offer meals or drinks onboard. We recommend you bring a drink and some snacks for your trip. We also suggest packing a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your impact on the environment. Most carriers, though, do not allow you to bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Do you have to print your Bayerische Regiobahn ticket?

Bayerische Regiobahn does not require a printed ticket to board the train. An E Ticket is sent to you by email that you can load on most electronic devices. You will want to have your ticket ready to be displayed as you board for the agent to scan. We recommend you download the Wanderu app, as it gives you super easy access to E Tickets for your upcoming trips for most carriers. As back up, road warriors recommend taking a screenshot of your E Ticket. That way, you won’t be fumbling around in case your internet connection cuts out.

Does Bayerische Regiobahn offer any premium features like extra legroom, films, or TV?

Bayerische Regiobahn focuses on delivering a great travel experience at a low price and they currently don’t offer any premium features onboard. But these days, between your laptop, tablet, smartphone and e-reader, you’re the master of your own entertainment even on longer journeys.

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Ingolstadt to Adelschlag
Travel DateFri 28 Feb
Gaimersheim to Eichstätt
Travel DateFri 28 Feb
Eitensheim to Buxheim
Travel DateFri 28 Feb
Gaimersheim to Buxheim
Travel DateFri 28 Feb
Eitensheim to Adelschlag
Travel DateFri 28 Feb