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About Red Coach

If you’re looking for an affordable transportation option for traveling to or within Florida, then Red Coach has you covered. As one of the most technologically advanced bus lines, Red Coach provides comfortable seating and premium amenities to all passengers. Red Coach bus stations are all strategically located within city centers, so you’ll always arrive at a convenient destination. Whether you’re traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale or Naples to Tampa, you’ll find affordable Red Coach bus tickets on Wanderu. Enjoy their latest features, including leather reclining seats and Wi-Fi, for the ultimate bus travel experience. You can hop on a Red Coach bus today and travel across Florida with ease!


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Daily Trips205

Red Coach bus amenities

Air conditioningAir conditioning
Extra legroomExtra legroom
Power outletPower outlet

Reviews from Wanderu Customers traveling with Red Coach

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Reviews from Wanderu Customers traveling with Red Coach
March 16, 2020Visiting family
Clean and spacious
Get there on time!
March 4, 2020Vacation
The driver was very considerate and waited for me to call back my Uber driver and get back the luggage I forgot to take out of the car
The bathroom did not have a lock, and it was very dirty.
have good music and food with you at all times
March 3, 2020Solo travel
Getting off the WET bus
The driver could be more professional and the bus was in horrible condition there was water leaking all over the other passengers
Stay away from red coach
February 28, 2020Regular commuter
Purchased a luxury coach bus ticket with the expectation of having power outlets and the bad was a different bus, maybe there was an issue with the busses but this was an inconvenience for me considering it’s a long ride and I needed my phone to plan things out.
You may not get what you expect but it wasn’t too bad
February 25, 2020Visiting family
It went by fairly quick
Driver was rude and almost got cursed out a couple times, customer service skills need to be revisited
No need to rush! I came 15 mins early for no reason and the bus was still a few minutes behind, not 30 mins. 5-10 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring your dog on a Red Coach bus?

No, dogs and other pets cannot travel with you. Only ADA service animals are permitted onboard.

Can you change a Red Coach reservation?

Yes, you can change your Red Coach reservation if the change is requested more than 24 hours before the departure time. A 50% service fee and price difference may apply to change your reservation.

Are Red Coach tickets refundable?

Some Red Coach tickets are refundable, depending on the class of tickets and their restrictions that you purchased. Cancellations for a refund must be made more than 24 hours before departure. A 50% service fee may apply to any refund issued by Red Coach.

Is there WiFi onboard Red Coach?

Yes Red Coach offers WiFi connection onboard their bus trips. Though most trips with Red Coach will have WiFi as advertised, some trips might not come equipped with Wifi and onboard WiFi can lose its connection in rural areas. We recommend you bring a book or download a movie just to play it safe. Red Coach WiFi is generally best used for surfing the web, checking emails and chatting with friends, you shouldn’t count on the WiFi to binge watch your favorite show.

How much luggage can you bring on a Red Coach bus?

Carry on bags: You are allowed one carry on which must fit in the overhead compartment.

Checked baggage: You are permitted to check two pieces of luggage which must weight 50 pounds or less each. Red Coach charges a $1 fee for each extra pound of luggage weight over their allotted amount. A third bag will set you back an additional $25. Strollers or car seats are not counted against your luggage allotment.

Are there power outlets on a Red Coach bus? Are there USB plugs?

Yes, there are power outlets onboard Red Coach bus trips. You can generally find one or two plugs per row of seats, so be a good traveler and check if your seat neighbor might want to charge up their devices as well. With the onboard power outlets, you can charge both a computer and USB devices with a power outlet USB converter that typically come with most phones and tablets. Since Red Coach might sometimes use replacement bus vehicles, not all trips are guaranteed to have power outlets. We recommend to bring a power bank to charge your phone for all trips over 2 hours, just in case.

Does Red Coach offer will call tickets, that you pick up at the station?

No, currently Red Coach does not offer will call tickets. You should purchase your tickets online and make sure you have everything you need to board before you arrive at the station or stop.

How old do you need to be to ride a Red Coach bus alone?

To ride a Red Coach alone you must be 16 year or older. Children under the age of 16 cannot travel without an adult accompanying them.

Do you need an ID to get on a Red Coach bus?

Yes, Red Coach requires you to present an ID to an agent to be allowed to board the bus. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements. Alternative IDs, like a college ID, won’t work.

Can you use your phone to board Red Coach?

Yes, you can board Red Coach by showing your E Ticket on your phone. The E Ticket is emailed to when you make your reservation. To save yourself the trouble of digging through your inbox to find your ticket, get the Wanderu app and pull up your ticket with one click.

Are there bathrooms on Red Coach buses?

Yes, there are bathrooms on Red Coach bus trips. The bathrooms are pretty basic and include a toilet, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Most bathrooms don’t have running water. As you will be using a bathroom on a moving vehicle, please use caution and hold on to a rail at all times.

Can you take a bike on a Red Coach bus?

Yes, Red Coach allows you to travel with your bicycle. Red Coach requires that bicycles, skis and ski poles to be packed inside a canvas bag or some other sturdy packaging.

Are meals or beverages offered onboard Red Coach trips?

Red Coach does not offer meals or beverages onboard. We recommend you bring a drink and some snacks for your trip. We also suggest packing a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your impact on the environment. Most carriers, though, do not allow you to bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Do you have to print your Red Coach ticket?

Red Coach does not require a printed ticket to board the bus. An E Ticket is sent to you by email that you can load on most electronic devices. You will want to have your ticket ready to be displayed as you board for the agent to scan. We recommend you download the Wanderu app, as it gives you super easy access to E Tickets for your upcoming trips for most carriers. As back up, road warriors recommend taking a screenshot of your E Ticket. That way, you won’t be fumbling around in case your internet connection cuts out.

Does Red Coach offer any premium features like extra legroom, movies or TV?

Red Coach goes the extra distance to deliver up-class offerings to its customers. Movies are provided during the bus trip to keep you entertained. Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of headphones, as not all carriers offer headphones on the bus. We recommend in-ear noise cancelling headphones as the best choice for the frequent traveler due to their small size. Do you find yourself squished in a regular seat or just love having extra room to sprawl out? Well you’re in luck as Red Coach advertises that they offer extra legroom seating. Since there is no standard of what extra legroom is, the extra space you might get varies from carrier to carrier, but getting extra is always good.

Cheap Red Coach tickets recently found on Wanderu

With 205 Red Coach trips per day, there are a lot of great deals to uncover for the bargain hunter and Red Coach tickets start at just $5.00. Check out some of the latest and greatest deals snatched up by Wanderu users. As these bargains are in really high demand, they’re poised to sell out fast and may no longer be available. Chill. As mom used to say in middle school, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. We can help you catch them all!

Tampa to Atlanta
Travel date
Lowest price$25.00
Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale
Travel date
Lowest price$45.00
Lake Worth to Miami
Travel date
Lowest price$12.00
Tallahassee to Miami
Travel date
Lowest price$45.00
Tampa to Miami
Travel date
Lowest price$8.00