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ALSA Bus Fares Schedules & Tickets.

If you’re traveling to Spain or the Iberian Peninsula, then ALSA is the largest national bus provider that can help you get to your next destination. As a popular and reliable bus company, ALSA provides high-quality service to Spain and many other countries, including France, Portugal, Andorra, and Morocco.


On Wanderu, you can now book ALSA bus tickets for your next trip to Europe! Whether you’re traveling to see the beautiful architecture in Madrid or the refreshing coast of Malaga, an ALSA bus is the best way to get there!


ALSA Bus Baggage Policy

Each passenger is allowed to bring luggage up to 30kg, which is roughly 65 lbs, on ALSA bus trips free of charge. ALSA highly recommends labeling your luggage in case of lost or damaged luggage. For international routes, you’re only allowed luggage that weighs up to 25kg, or 55 lbs.


ALSA allows passengers to bring bicycles and other bulky sports gear for a modest fee on domestic trips. The cost of transporting bulk sports gear depends on the type of trip you’re taking with ALSA. For short trips, the cost of transporting large sports gear is €5.00 (approx. $5.50), while on longer routes this will cost you €10 (approx. $11.00). If you’re traveling internationally, bicycles are offered on all trips between Spain and Morocco.

ALSA Bus Pet Policy

If you’re wondering whether or not you can bring your pet with you on vacation, you’ll find all the answers about ALSA’s pet policy on Wanderu. Only service guide dogs are allowed in the passenger section of an ALSA bus due to local regulations. If you’re pet is not a guide dog, then you can store them with the rest of the luggage.


Only small pets, less than 10kg (22lbs) are allowed. If you’d like to bring your pet onto the bus, then it will cost an additional 50% of the total ticket price.

ALSA Bus Ticket Identification Policy

A government photo ID, including a national identification number (DNI) or a passport, is required for boarding with all tickets on ALSA buses. Regardless of whether you’re using an electronic or print ticket, you must bring identification to board the bus.

ALSA Ticketing Policies

If you’ve booked a domestic ALSA ticket, then you can board the bus with the booking confirmation code simply by showing the text message you receive upon booking confirmation or by presenting a printed online ticket.


For travel between more than one country, make sure you pick up your ticket at the sales office or print your online ticket ahead of time. It’s recommended that you arrive at the terminal 30 minutes before your scheduled departure for all international travel.

ALSA Premium Amenities

WiFi: Most ALSA buses have been upgraded to offer free WiFi allowing you to stay connected as you explore Spain and the Iberian Peninsula. ALSA offers WiFi on over 600 buses and is working towards extending free onboard WiFi to all of its services. Connecting to WiFi is simple, find the WIFiALSA wireless network and enter the password for the type of service you’re traveling on: ALSAPREMIUM, SUPRA or WALSA.


ALSA WiFi won't allow you to stream video services like Netflix on your journey, so make sure that you preload movies or your favorite videos before departing on your trip.

ALSA Bus History

ALSA was founded in 1923 in northern Spain and has quickly grown to cover many important routes throughout Europe and Northern Africa. As one of the leading bus companies, ALSA currently serves over 480 cities with 3,460 bus routes, including


    • Murcia to Almería


    • Playas Madrid to Granada


    • Madrid to Bilbao


    • Madrid to Burgos


    • Granada to Málaga


    • Barcelona to Madrid


    • Barcelona to Zaragoza


    • Madrid to Zaragoza


    • Santander to Torrelavega


    • Santander to Santoña


Aside from providing plenty of options for long-distance travel, ALSA is also a top choice for college students as it provides connections between major travel hubs and and universities, including:


    • Granada University


    • Gijón University


    • Malaga University


    • P. Blancas Oviedo University


If you’re looking to travel to Spain or the Iberian Peninsula, then make sure that you browse through ALSA bus routes on schedule on Wanderu!


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