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Find the Wanderu In You at Acadia National Park This Summer!

Welcome to Acadia National Park, the oldest National Park east of the Mississippi River. Acadia is located in the eastern coastal region of Maine and consists of more than 47,000 acres of gorgeous mountain ranges, glittering lakes and shorelines, and refreshing woodlands.

Over 70 years ago, on October 17, 1947, there was a roaring fire within the park that lasted nearly an entire month. This fire destroyed over 10,000 acres of the park, exceeding $23 million in damage and caused the park to suffer greatly. That year was known as “the year Maine burned”, with over 200,000 acres destroyed in total. However, over time and will the help of others, the park has recovered and has been restored to its natural beauty for all to see again.

Take a chance towards discovery, Find The Wanderu In You and take a trip to Acadia this summer to appreciate its past and relish in its present!

Did you know that Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park is the first place in the United States to get sunlight in the morning? So wake up early and spend your day hiking Cadillac Mountain or taking a walk around Jordan Pond, the beautiful views all around Acadia are unparalleled to any other.

Get out this spring or summer and take a bus from any major city to Acadia National Park. You will need to travel through Bangor, Maine where you can connect with a shuttle that will take you right into Acadia National Park! Search for a bus to Bangor on Wanderu and from there, grab a Bar Harbor Shuttle to Acadia National Park.





If you are interested in learning more about Acadia National Park or know any more interesting facts about it, let us know by commenting and sharin below!

Wander on!

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