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Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2014

With the year coming to an end, we have asked our readers, users, and travelers to nominate their favorite blogs which they continued to follow throughout the last year. After going through hundreds of submissions and speaking to each nominee to find out more about their inspirations and unique offerings, we put together (in no particular order) a final list of the best travel blogs! See also, Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2013.

Without further ado, please scroll on for Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2014. 

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“Our mission is to help our readers travel and create their own adventures,” say Dan and Audrey about their travel blog Uncornered Market. By sharing stories, photos, and practical information, they help the readers connect with places they may have never before heard about and motivate them to explore the world themselves.



“It all comes down to food,” says Mark Weins, creator of Migrationology. “I’m not only fascinated with eating and the flavors of local cuisine, but I also love how food is such a major part of every culture around the world.” Migrationology is a great blog to have bookmarked if you want to explore the world through the eyes of a real self-made foodie.



After three years of traveling, the blonde haired, “girl next door,” Alex, shares her story and attempts to strip away the mystery and intimidation of long-term travel in her blog Alex in Wanderland.



Sabrina helps inspire her readers with her own story about quitting her job and changing her life. But it’s not only that! Just a One Way Ticket provides free information, advice, and travel guides to help its readers find budget accommodation and cheap eats.



Sherry Otts’s goal is to “make people wish they were somewhere else.” With Ottsworld, she attempts to get people traveling and seeing the world with their own eyes and forming their own opinions. She encourages and aids solo travel and long-term travel for mid-career professionals. Sherry advice – “There are a million excuses not to travel, but no one ever regrets taking the big trip!”



Velvet Escape is more than your ordinary luxury travel blog. As well as providing insider tips for established locations, it also encourages and provides tips for trips made off-the-beaten path. “I hope to inspire people to travel, to stimulate their curiosity about the world we live in and foster an open mind that is receptive to different perspectives and new ideas.”



Earl Baron has independently traveled all over the world for 15 years now and documented his adventurous on his popular blog Wandering Earl. His motivation is to show his readers that “a life of travel is not some kind of crazy fantasy, but a realistic lifestyle option.”



Goats On The Road is a website aimed at inspiring people to create the lifestyle of their dreams. Nick and Dariece provide guides and videos in order to show their readers how to travel the world on a budget and how to get off the beaten path. They say, “Travel shouldn’t have an end date. We show you how to turn your travels into a way of life.”



WildJunket is a travel blog with a focus on adventure travel, created to inspire others to get off the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences.” Nellie and Alberto provide practical tips and inspirations, as well as prove that “adventure travel doesn’t necessarily mean going to far-flung, extreme places or engaging in risky extreme sports. Adventure travel is a state of mind.”



The Expeditioner strives to remove the stigma that travel is difficult and expensive and encourages its readers to get out and explore. Matt Stabile says “I believe the world is full of amazing people and great things to see, and the more we travel beyond our own boundaries and meet these people and see these things, the more we can make the world around us better.”



“After leaving her career in corporate finance, Kiersten started her blog, The Blonde Abroad, where she strives to inspire her readers (especially women) to “chase their dreams relentlessly and wholeheartedly.” She says that above all else, she wants to “maker [her] readers love the life they live.”



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We sincerely hope that after exploring some of these amazing blogs and checking out, you are inspired to travel more in 2015!


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