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The Best Way to Get from Boston to Loon Mountain by Bus

If you are anywhere in the Boston area and want to go skiing in New Hampshire, there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to make the trip up there! Luckily, we just finished planning out a Boston to Loon Mountain bus trip and will share with you exactly how easy it is to be done.

Most who live in the city don’t own a car that they can take on a whim from Boston to Loon Mountain. In fact, buying bus tickets from time to time ends up being so much cheaper and more convenient than all the expenses and headaches that go along with car ownership in the city. If you are reading this article about taking a bus from Boston to Loon Mountain, chances are you are a city dweller yourself!

Boston to Loon Mountain Bus

The Boston to Loon Mountain bus trip starts off on Saturday morning from South Station and transfers to Lincoln, NH. The bus leaves at 8am and takes just over three hours to get to Lincoln. The bus stops just a short distance away from Loon Mountain at a local 7-Eleven Gas Station on 36 Main Street.

Once you get off the Boston to Lincoln bus, walk over to The Links and catch the free Loon Mountain shuttle to the main skiing area! If you need it, here is a map from the bus stop to The Links:

LIncoln nh map to shuttle

Sometimes half days of skiing are much better than going for a full day on the slopes for two main reasons:
1) At some point, you get tired and sore from all that skiing and fresh mountain air, and most of the time, you don’t end up skiing a full day even when you’re there early in the morning.
2) If you get to the mountain at around noon (which is the exact time that you will end up getting there by bus), instead of buying tickets, you should look for people who are leaving the mountain. You can ask them to either get their passes for free or pay them something like $10 per pass. Yup! People do leave after half a day because they get tired and sore.

Nothing feels better than to ski for $10 knowing full well you just saved yourself $40-50.

See where else you can get to via Boston to New Hampshire Bus or hop on a bus to Killington!

Loon mountain fire pit

After you are done skiing, hang out in town, eat, drink and have a good time with friends from home, as well as other skiers from all over, and depart the next day! You can also explore the beautiful surroundings and just walk around, or have a hearty breakfast.

On your way back from the mountain, you go through the same exact Boston to Loon Mountain bus process but in reverse! Hop onto one of the free Loon Mountain shuttles and be on your way back into town. The whole shuttle trip takes around 10-15 minutes. Once you are back at the 7-Eleven Gas Station in Lincoln, the bus from Lincoln to Boston will depart at 1:30pm and will have you back in Boston in under three hours.

While the featured bus times are based around the itinerary we set for you, you can customize your trip based on your preferred schedule.

See you back in Boston and don’t forget to look on whenever you need to get anywhere via ground transportation! Wanderu shows you all the Boston to Loon Mountain bus options as well as anywhere else you may want to go!

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