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The Best Way to Get from LaGuardia International Airport to Boston by Bus or Train

If you’re planning to land at LaGuardia International Airport and head for Boston, you can get there easily and economically with a little help from Wanderu. But where should you start looking for those buses and trains you need? We give you the easy, stress-free steps that will take you to beautiful Boston from LaGuardia.

Step 1: Get from LaGuardia to Manhattan

Your first step will be to travel from LaGuardia to Grand Central Terminal. To get there, simply use the NY Airporter service. You can book your tickets through Wanderu for no extra charge, and then progress to booking your bus or train tickets from New York to Boston.

When you hop on an NYC Airporter bus from LaGuardia Airport, you will be dropped off at Grand Central Terminal. From there, you will need to travel to the departure point of your bus or train to Boston.

Step 2: Get from New York to Boston

Unfortunately, the majority of buses from NYC to Boston don’t leave from Grand Central Terminal but from Port Authority Bus Terminal. The good news is that Port Authority is only two subway stops away on the 7 line that you can take from Grand Central.

Once you get to Port Authority, you can hop on a Greyhound or Peter Pan bus to Boston. Alternatively, you can take a trip with BoltBus or Megabus, but you will need to travel further, as their pick-up locations are further away from Grand Central Terminal.

If you’d like to travel from New York to Boston by train, you should get from Grand Central to Penn Station where Amtrak’s Boston-bound trains depart from. To get there, you should hop on the 7 train and, at Times Square, transfer to a blue or red line train headed south for one or two stops to Penn Station.

Once again, there’s no need to switch booking portals. You don’t pay a cent more when you use Wanderu, and you have the added advantage of being able to compare your options for any route.

LaGuardia International Airport

This busy airport has been serving New York since 1939. Once criticized as being outdated and inefficient, modernization, which began in 2016, is bearing fruit, allowing the airport to efficiently process over 29 million passengers a year.

The four terminals that make up the hub of the airport are connected by walkways and buses and are used by 15 airlines.

New York

If you’ve already taken time to explore a little of New York’s iconic cityscape, you might just decide to pass right through on your way to Boston. However, if you have not yet done so, we recommend that you take at least a couple of days to take in the sights, sounds, and activities that this vibrant metropolis has to offer. From shopping and sightseeing to the buzz of the city’s night life and its enthusiastic support of the arts in every form, you’ll be glad you did!


From cultural and historical sites to modern skyscrapers, there’s something to please everyone in Boston. Best of all, some of the most popular activities in and around Boston are absolutely free.

The Freedom Trail walk is a must for visitors, and the Boston Public Garden offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and relaxation. Or, you can indulge your love of history at any one of the city’s museums, book tickets to see the world-famous symphony orchestra, take in a ball game, or browse around the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Wanderu Gets You Where You Want to Be

Whether you are traveling from LaGuardia to Boston, are off to visit family and friends, or are looking for a low-cost break from the daily grind, Wanderu offers you an opportunity to seek out and book the bus and train tickets you need to get there.

Why not get started right now? Discover how easy it is to get from LaGuardia to Boston with Wanderu, and you’ll never look back.

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