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How to Read Your Peter Pan Bus Ticket

Photo of a Peter Pan Bus Lines bus at a curbside stop.

(Photo Credit: A. Bailey / Flickr)

You don’t need pixie dust to snag cheap tickets on a Peter Pan Bus. 🧚

Family owned since 1933, today Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the biggest bus carriers in the United States. Operating in New England and beyond, their coverage spans Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. 

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But when that confirmation email comes in with a link to your ticket, you’re inevitably going to feel some anxiety. Do you have to print it out? Can you exchange it for a later trip if you oversleep and miss the bus? Or if you’re kidnapped by pirates?

Well don’t you worry, Wendy — in this guide we strive to answer all the most frequently asked questions surrounding your Peter Pan Bus boarding pass. Just aim for the second star to the right, and scroll straight on till the next section.

Do I have to print out my Peter Pan ticket?

When it comes time to board your Peter Pan Bus, a physical ticket is not required. Passengers can simply present a digital version of the ticket (specifically, the bar code and/or QR code) along with a valid photo ID, and the driver will let you on. 

As a shortcut, we recommend taking a screenshot of the QR code and saving it to your device. That way if service is poor in the bus terminal or at the curbside stop, you’ll still have the necessary information on hand for boarding.  

Even though a printed ticket is not required, you can still print one out if you prefer. Peter Pan provides a link in every confirmation email that will take you to:

  1. a mobile boarding pass, 
  2. a print boarding pass (if you’d rather print out a physical copy),
  3. and a receipt for your transaction. 

How do I read my Peter Pan Bus ticket?

Yes, your ticket is packed with valuable details, but there’s no need to feel like a codfish — we’re happy to help you navigate. The following is an example of a print Peter Pan Bus boarding pass (the mobile boarding pass looks similar and includes all of the same info), with callouts listed below.

1. The most prominent item on your ticket besides the all-caps “BOARDING PASS” text is this series of numerals in the upper right-hand corner: Your confirmation number. 
The final three digits make up your ticket number, and are used for Peter Pan’s internal reference. The numbers before those make up your confirmation number, which you can verify further down the boarding pass (see callout #9). You’ll need the confirmation number on hand if you want to make any changes to your reservation. 

2. The bus driver will scan this QR code (or, alternatively, the barcode — they both hold the same information) in order to validate your ticket. If you printed off a physical copy of the ticket, be careful to avoid wrinkling the QR code, as creases in the paper can make it hard to scan.

3. This section of the ticket includes your travel date (23Jul19) and time of departure (09:00pm). Thanks to unpredictable fluctuations in traffic, no specific arrival time is listed. Note that the date is printed “DDMMMYY,” so the example date of “23Jul19” actually stands for “July 23, 2019.”

4. Here, the ticket outlines your departure city (New York), along with the name of the pick-up spot in parentheses (Port Authority). Below, you’ll see your destination (Boston), next to the drop-off location (South Station). 

It’s worth pointing out that the address of the departing bus station or curbside stop appears in the body of the confirmation email, not on the ticket itself. So if you’re unsure of where to go, refer to that email.

5. Peter Pan uses identification numbers to distinguish their numerous bus schedules. The schedule number listed (PPB 5065) is essentially a reference number for the particular intercity route and time of departure of your bus.

6. The name of the ticketed passenger (John Darling) is listed here. If you’ve booked tickets for more than one passenger, the link provided in your confirmation email will take you to each individual’s ticket.

7. The number listed to the left is the authorization code for your credit card transaction.

8. The price listed here represents the fare of your ticket, excluding fees.

9. This section to the right repeats much of the information already covered on the ticket: confirmation number, city of origin, destination, date and departure time, etc.

10. Here you’ll find the number of bags included in your ticket. Find details on Peter Pan’s luggage policy further down the page.

11. The bus driver will scan this barcode (or, alternatively, the QR code — they both hold the same info) in order to validate your ticket. If you printed off a physical copy of the ticket, be careful to avoid wrinkling the barcode, as creases in the paper can make it hard to scan.

Where is my seat number?

There is no seat number listed on your on your Peter Pan Bus ticket because seats are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Boarding begins 15 minutes prior to departure, but we recommend arriving even earlier to ensure you get first pick at your ideal seat.

Can I cancel my Peter Pan Bus ticket?

As a general policy, Peter Pan Bus tickets are nonrefundable. Although you cannot cancel your ticket, you can easily exchange it. Find out how in the following section.

Can I exchange my Peter Pan Bus ticket?

Yes, you can change a Peter Pan bus reservation. Both the time and the date of travel can be changed. To modify your reservation, visit a Peter Pan ticket counter, contact customer service at (800) 343-999 , or download the Peter Pan Bus app.

To change your tickets, there is a fee of $5 (if the cost of the ticket is less than $10) or $10 plus any difference in fare for the new ticket, as well as any additional fees. 

What happens if I miss the bus?

All tickets are nonrefundable, and you are not eligible for exchange if your ticketed bus has already departed. You will need to purchase a new ticket for travel.

How many bags can I take on Peter Pan Bus?

Two pieces of stowed luggage and one carry-on bag are included with each Peter Pan Bus Lines ticket. For additional information on baggage dimensions, visit our  bus luggage policy guide.

How early should I arrive for the bus?

Peter Pan recommends arriving at least a half hour prior to your departure, and 45 minutes early if you’re traveling during peak travel periods such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What is the phone number for Peter Pan Bus?

You can contact Peter Pan customer service at 1 (800) 343-9999.

There are few eternal truths in this world. Foremost among them, never smile at a crocodile. And now you’ve learned another: Whether you’re a Lost Boy or a grown-up, traveling via Peter Pan Bus is a relaxed, friction-free experience. 

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