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SantaCon or Bust: Join the Free Annual Santa Pub Crawl


It’s December. You’ve gone to your favorite bar for a drink and are just settling in when 40 Santas walk in. Sounds like a setup for a joke right? It’s actually SantaCon, a big bonanza that happens in cities throughout the United States and Europe every year. SantaCon is a free event that occurs in early December that draws crowds of Santa-clad and elf-dressed participants to various bars or pubs throughout big cities. Each SantaCon is a little different and generally locally organized, creating a “home-grown” atmosphere.

What is SantaCon exactly?

SantaCon is a free event that generally involves dressing like Santa or an elf, going out as a group, and having tons of fun in your town. There are various activities that can happen during SantaCon but generally they are gatherings, pub crawls, or street parades. Since these are locally organized, it is always a good idea to reach out to the SantaCon committee in your town for additional details.

Can I participate in SantaCon?

Yes, absolutely! There are general guidelines for SantaCon to be able to participate including having to dress in more than just a Santa cap. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown Santa suit but following the dress code is part of the fun! Each SantaCon varies but the general idea of dressing like Santa or an elf to hang around others is the same.

Where is SantaCon happening?

SantaCon is happening in tons of major cities! You can find a full list of cities and if there isn’t one close to you then you can start your own. Wanderu can help you get to the closest SantaCon near you. From Boston to Berlin, we have the best bus deals to help you get to your local Santa festivities. Check out the closest route to you today!

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The holidays are about togetherness and what better way to bring people together than dressing like Santa Claus and going out with other Santas? Take the time this holiday season and explore new parts of your local city or adventure over to another city you where you haven’t partied yet. Exploration doesn’t know a season and neither should you!

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