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Why You Should Spend Spring Break in Boston

Spring break is a time all college students look forward to. It means no classes, no projects, no homework, and the most beautiful meaning of all, not having to get up early for those 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. classes.

For many college students, spring break also means a chance to go somewhere tropical like Florida, California, or the Bahamas. But if you’re in the Northeast and can’t make your way somewhere warm, you can take a quick trip to Boston for lots of fun on your week off!

Boston is a great city to explore on a school vacation. And even though the weather might not be warm in Massachusetts, you can make the most of your spring break in Boston by checking out these places.

Frog Pond Ice Skating Rink

I’m not an ice skater—in fact it makes me nervous—but when my friends suggest going to Frog Pond, I muster up the courage. The Frog Pond ice skating rink is located in the Boston Common and is open every day at 10 a.m (weather permitting). Admission is $6.00, and you can rent skates for $12.00 for adults. The Frog Pond is a great place to skate with a group and have a laugh while capturing a funny video of your not so coordinated friends attempting to ice skate.


JUGOS will make you feel like you’re actually somewhere tropical for spring break. This little juice store located next to the Back Bay T station sells delicious fresh juices, smoothies, and more. JUGOS is a great place to pretend you’re on a tropical vacation even if it’s cold outside.

The North End

Satisfy you sweet tooth by visiting the historic (and delicious) North End. Walk along the busy Hanover Street and discover the authentic Italian side of Boston. Grab a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, a few rice balls from Bova’s Bakery and a slice of pizza from the famous Regina Pizzeria to satisfy both your hunger and your happiness.

The Red Room at Café 939

Want to see a cool band that’s not so mainstream yet? Want to have a fun new place to meet new people with your friends? Well, The Red Room at Cafe 939 is just the place. The Red Room is a moderate size venue, where the Berklee College of Music students and other artists hold their concerts. Admission varies with each concert, and you can see the upcoming the schedule and buy tickets online.

Brattle Book Shop

Discover the wonders of Brattle Book Shop in Downtown Crossing. The shop holds thousands of books from a multitude of genres. You can find anything from the autobiography of David Bowie to a children’s book from 1902. The shop’s array of books is so large that they have even set up an outdoor section for discounted books. Shopping at Brattle Book Shop is truly like searching for a diamond in the rough, and you never know what kind of literary treasure you’re going to find.

Make the most of your spring break in the Northeast by booking a ticket Boston from New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, ME and many other places


About the author: Haleigh Santilli is a sophomore commuter college student from Lasell College, with a passion for anything artsy and delicious. She loves old movies and, shamelessly, the Jonas Brothers. She longs to travel around the world and write a children’s book.

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Kate Sedrowski

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