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How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Houston

Rock step, back step, step, step, twirl, twirl! Join a community of folks getting in on a sugar rush at The Chocolate Bar, a haven for Houstonians and visitors alike in need of a sweet treat – and some swing dancing!

The Chocolate Bar in Houston’s Rice Village Shopping District (at 2521 University Blvd) is open every day so you can get desserts at The Chocolate Bar anytime while shopping, but Thursday nights are devoted to variety swing dancing from 7-10 pm, making it a special time to exerciseand get a dose of sugar.

Take a step onto the dance floor and keep up with the rhythm. Dare to improvise a dance on your own. Learn the Shim Sham or the Charleston. If you don’t want to dance alone, there are regular dancers, often from lindy hop clubs or the Houston Swing Dance Society, who might extend their hands out to you and ask, “Would you like to dance?” Even if you have no swing dancing experience, you can learn by dancing with a “lead.” Though newbies tend start out as “followers,” they can train to be “leads” and eventually you might become the one extending your hand and inviting the next newbie to dance. Swing dancing is by nature a social dance, so feel free to chat up with your partner if you can while you’re concentrating on the steps. Break the ice – the more you dance with them, they less of a stranger they will become.

When you’re danced out, you can indulge in a dizzying plethora of desserts and candies that would make even Willy Wonka envious. If you’re sweating from all the swing, choose from an assortment of ice creams—Let’s Go Oreo, Root Beer Float (yes, a flavor!), Nutter Butter, Toffee Coffee Time, Teddy Champ S’mores, and more. You can also get hot chocolates for winter, cheesecakes, pies, and gift chocolates to fulfill all your sugary needs. (And there’s a section for sugar-free products as well.)

Some amazing cake recommendations include:

  • Black Russian – dense chocolate topped with crunchy espresso beans
  • Tuxedo Cheesecake – creamy white chocolate with Oreo crusts
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake (Seasonal) – like pumpkin pie, but creamier, with a chocolate drizzle
  • Chocolate Red Velvet – red velvet cake topped with chocolate cream cheese icing

After satisfying your sugar craving, bounce back on the dance floor to burn those recently-consumed calories.  You’ll be thinking to yourself, rock step, back step, shim sham as you start twirling!

Get a sugar rush and dance the night away yourself by booking a trip to Houston on or by downloading the Wanderu app! It’s easy to get to Houston from New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and lots of other cities around the country, too!

caroline-thumbnailAbout the author: Though Florida-born, Caroline considers herself a full-Houstonian spiritually. In her spare time, she conjures ideas, documents them, and turns them into stories or open mic performances…or relaxes by staring at the ceiling as a remedy for writer’s block or goes swing dancing for cardiac health & fun!

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Kate Sedrowski

Kate Sedrowski is on a mission to spread delight while inspiring and encouraging people to travel. Her favorite travel companion is her teddy bear, and her favorite souvenir is the scar from the broken nose she got in a snowball fight in Québec City.

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