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11 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Users This Thanksgiving

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You know Thanksgiving is getting close when temperatures drop, leaves fall, and 10-pound Butterballs start cluttering the frozen-food section.

Yes, the holiday is about food, and family, and football, and floats at the Macy’s Parade. But it’s also a time of reflection. For each of us the question looms: What am I thankful for? It’s something we ask ourselves every year. And sure, your prima-donna ex didn’t think you were thankful enough for them — but hopefully there’s something in your life that’s making you happy, maybe even thankful. 

At Wanderu, we’ve got a whole heap of things that deserve our gratitude. From Amtrak and Deutsche Bahn to Allianz and KAYAK, we’re thankful to all of our amazing partners for helping us deliver the very best deals on buses, trains and flights across North America and Europe. 

But at the end of the day, the thing we appreciate the very most is, and always will be, our wonderful customers without whom the word “Wanderu” would just be another autocorrect fail. Whether you came to us to grab a last-minute bus ticket home, or booked a weeks-long train trip around the country, we’re so glad you made us a part of your travels.

While you might share what you’re thankful for around the Thanksgiving dinner table, we say our thanks a little differently: By doing our absolute best to provide travelers with the easiest, most stress-free booking process possible. We’re constantly introducing new, innovative features to make that happen, and have been lucky enough to hear back from our customers on just how well they’re working.

Below, we’ve gathered testimonials (sourced from Wanderu’s profiles on TrustPilot and the App Store) from 11 Wanderu users whom we are truly grateful for — real people describing the features and functions we humbly dedicate to you.

1. We’re thankful Katy will make it home for the holidays

TrustPilot review of a Wanderu user who made it home for the holidays.

We understand how important it is to get home on time for the holidays, and we believe cost should never prohibit you from spending time with those you love the most. Whether your preferred mode of travel is bus, train, plane or some combination of all three, we’ll guide you from door to wreath-bedecked door. 

2. We’re thankful K.B. didn't have to waste time during checkout

App Store review from a Wanderu user who appreciated the quick booking process.

We know how stressful it can be trying to make those last-minute travel arrangements. When you need to get home ASAP, the last thing you want is a maze of pop-ups and redirects to complicate your ticket booking. Wanderu only includes the fields you need, on one straightforward checkout page. Quick and easy, that’s our jam.

3. We’re thankful Olga found the perfect trip

TrustPilot review from a Wanderu user who found the perfect trip for her needs.

Some sites make it hard to find the trip that balances all your needs: price, time, duration. In Wanderu’s search results, you can compare buses, trains and flights one against the other, picking out the exact trip that’s perfect for you on every level.

4. We’re thankful Rosely scored a better deal

TrustPilot review from a Wanderu user who found a better deal on Wanderu versus competitive sites.

We take pride in helping customers like Rosely easily find the absolute cheapest price for their tickets by offering the lowest prices from our carriers — plus real-time customer support to address any issues and concerns you may have right on the spot.

5. We’re thankful Keasheam will never be stranded again

App Store review from a Wanderu customer who was excited to learn they weren't stranded.

Today, Wanderu has more than 800,000 bus routes, 1.3 million train routes and 26,000 plane routes across hundreds of different carriers on our platform — with more being added as we speak. We fill in the map across North America and Europe so that you’ll never find yourself stuck. 

6. We’re thankful this traveler makes good use of the Wanderu app

Review from a Wanderu user who was pleased with the capabilities of the Wanderu app.

Whether you’re in need of a last-minute ticket or just live life on-the-go, sitting down to book on a computer isn’t always realistic. (And searching Google on your phone can be a PITA.) With the Wanderu app, you can book your travel from anywhere as soon as you need it. For instance, if your plane is cancelled because of snow, you can have a bus booked five minutes later. It’s that painless. 🙌

7. We’re thankful Ismail decided not to drive

Driving suuuucks. It sucks! Look, you have to pay for parking, you have to pay for gas, you have to pay for tolls. And you have to pay attention the whole time, even when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Well, you can get bus tickets as low as $1 (seriously, we can show you how), which makes it way more cost-effective. Plus: You can nap all the way there.

8. We’re thankful Marina doesn’t let being car-free hold her back

Cars are a) expensive, and b) bad for the environment. (Believe it or not, taking a bus is actually the most eco-friendly way you can travel.) Just because you don’t have a personal vehicle doesn’t mean you should be limited in where you can go. We think the world should be open to everyone, with or without a car. 

9. We’re thankful it was easy for Christina to take care of her daughter

Booking for other people is a breeze on Wanderu, whether it’s a bus ticket for your daughter in college or a train ticket for grandpa on Christmas Eve. No matter whose travel plans you need to oversee, we make the experience simple and smooth.

10. We’re thankful Lori could map her way from door to door

TrustPilot review of a user who appreciated Wanderu's map feature.

Coordinating your pick-up and drop-off points is a critical part of your trip. We try to help you plan accordingly by including a map link in our search results and confirmation emails so you can pinpoint exactly where you need to be.

11. We’re thankful this user has their eyes on Europe

Because we’ve teamed up with bus and train companies like Deutsche Bahn, Wanderu is able to offer extensive service all over Europe. On our platform, you can book plane tickets to and from France, Germany, Italy and beyond, as well as bus and train transport between cities. That means the Euro trip you’ve been dreaming of is more accessible than you ever realized! 

Thanksgiving is about traditions: Grabbing that last piece of pumpkin pie, watching Al Roker interview a balloon holder, explaining to your aunt that it’s just fine to be single at your age. Whatever your customs are, there’s something comforting in the familiarity of it all. So, this Thanksgiving, why not make booking travel on Wanderu your newest tradition? In fact, here are 14 epically cheap destinations to consider for Black Friday weekend

No matter where you’re headed, we hope you get there safe and sound. From all of us here at Wanderu, happy turkey day! 🦃

Do you love Wanderu too? Let us know with a review! Just visit TrustPilot, the App Store or Google Play.

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