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The Everywhereist – Wanderu’s Favorite Summer Travel Blogs 2016

Geraldine and her husband Rand explore Austin, TX. (

If you need a good laugh or something to remind you that you don’t need to take your life so seriously, then The Everywhereist is the blog that you need to start reading! Geraldine, who is witty and brutally honest in her posts, is not afraid of saying “that’s right, she went there” with her jokes, but also her trips!

She has been traveling the world with her husband ever since she was laid off from her office job. Instead of getting a new job to sit behind a desk again as her husband was traveling the world for work, Geraldine realized that everything happens for a reason and found a new job that she loves – traveling the world with her husband! As he is making presentations or having meetings for work in different cities and countries, she is doing her own travels.

Read her travel blog, or what she likes to call a love letter to her husband, a very interesting and unique love letter, while he is working! It will have you laughing and interested in all of the different areas of travel that they cover.

Most recently, Geraldine and her husband Rand explored Ireland, but they have also seen much of the U.S., with blog posts spanning from Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA and Salem, MA. Her recent post Stay on the Damn Path: A Lesson Learned on an Irish Trail will have you both laughing and feeling a rush of adrenaline – a perfect combination for this enthralling travel blog!

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Danielle Heller

Danielle Heller

Hailing from Colorado, Danielle loves the mountains and traveling anywhere that she can explore the outdoors. Danielle will be graduating from Boston University's College of Communication in December with a Masters in Advertising.

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