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5 Travel Resolutions Every Fearless Adventurer Must Keep

The common travel resolutions for the new year always seem to include “travel more” or dreams of specific destinations. And those are great goals – but why not make 2016 the year you change the way you travel? With a new perspective, every trip can be an adventure!

These are the New Year’s resolutions you’ll definitely want to keep as you travel this year!

I will enjoy the ride…and appreciate the view from the window seat.

The ride is a significant part of your journey, so make the most of it! If you’re aboard a train, watching the country go by out the window is a wonderful way to spend your ride. And when you travel by bus, you often stop in little towns that you probably would never visit otherwise.

Sit back and take advantage of the time spent traveling to your destination!

I will handle delays with patience…or with something else.

When you’re traveling often, delays are inevitable at some point. Things happen – be it bad weather, traffic, or mechanical issues – and you miss a connection or don’t make it to your destination on time. It’s easy to get frustrated, but, this year, try to let it go and see how you can take advantage of the delay in a fun way.

If you’re stuck waiting somewhere, look for something local to explore. Even if you can’t get out of the station or airport you’re in, you can often find interesting displays of art or history. And if there’s a bar, you can try a local beer or wine. Not only will you get to enjoy a drink you can’t find at home, but it will definitely make the delay more fun!

I will travel by myself…but head home with new friends.

If you’ve never tried traveling solo, why not make this the year to hit the road on your own? Being by yourself makes it easier to strike up a conversation, whether with a fellow traveler, a friendly local, or the bartender. (Tip: always sit at the bar when you’re eating at a restaurant.)

The new friends you meet on the road can introduce you to places in town you never would’ve have known to visit – or, if they’re from out of town, too, maybe they can help inspire your next trip!

I will get lost…and find something new.

When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it’s easy to get stuck staring at the map on your phone to figure out your way around. And, yes, you might make it where you’re going, but you’ll miss seeing everything around you on the way.

Instead, maybe put the map away and just wander around. Not only will you notice more, but you’ll probably find things you weren’t even looking for.

I will say yes to adventure…and Wanderu the country!

The biggest resolution of them all is truly the simplest: just say yes – to places, to people, to adventure! If an opportunity comes your way, grab it and see where it takes you.

Wanderu is here to make it easy for you to say yes to adventure. Go to or download the free app to book a ticket and keep those resolutions!

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Kate Sedrowski

Kate Sedrowski

Kate Sedrowski is on a mission to spread delight while inspiring and encouraging people to travel. Her favorite travel companion is her teddy bear, and her favorite souvenir is the scar from the broken nose she got in a snowball fight in Québec City.

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