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Wanderu Welcomes a New Adventurer: Meet Chiku!

If you have gone through our website and social media profiles over the past two days, you may have noticed a happy little green guy welcoming you to the world of Wanderu. His name is Chiku and he is the latest addition to the Wanderu family!

The Story of Chiku

Deep in the rainforest of southern India, a remarkable monkey was born. Chiku dreamed of leaving his home and exploring the world, but his fellow monkeys were not interested in adventure and preferred to keep to themselves. So, with a backpack full of bananas, Chiku left the jungle on a journey to find a place where he would fit in. He swam the Arabian sea, trekked across Africa, sailed on a ship over the Atlantic, and ended up in America.

How Did Chiku Get to Wanderu?

Chiku was excited to be in a brand new country and wanted to see it all. He decided that the best way to travel around the USA was by bus and train because he could be spontaneous and the tickets were cheap. (He had to leave room in his budget for bananas, of course!) But when he tried to buy a ticket at the station, he found that the agents didn’t look too kindly on monkeys.

So, he took his ticket search online and discovered Wanderu! Not only did Wanderu make booking bus and train travel simple, but the people at Wanderu seemed to share his passion for adventure. Chiku hopped on a bus and headed to Boston, where we here at Wanderu happily welcomed him into our family!

The Perfect Match

At Wanderu, we believe that discovering and exploring new places is the ultimate way to learn, be inspired and feel happy. Chiku is fresh, fun, spontaneous, and he loves going on adventures, making him the perfect embodiment of everything that we encourage travelers around the globe to be.

Going forward, Chiku is thrilled to guide you to new and exciting destinations and help you snag the best deals on bus and train travel, so you can easily take off on your own adventures and create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime!

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Staffo Dobrev

Staffo Dobrev

Having lived in some of the greatest cities in the world, Staffo has always had a soft spot for travel and adventures. Instead of hitting the usual tourist attractions, though, Staffo prefers to make friends with local people and check out fun places and activities that are not in the travel books.

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