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Wear Your Wanderlust with These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Do you have a case of wanderlust so strong that it can’t be contained by a Halloween costume? Are you also the impulsive type who waits until the last minute to come up with that costume? Wanderu has a suitcase full of travel-themed Halloween costume ideas for you!

Travel Bug

A photo posted by Beth Buford (@bethbuford) on

Costume by @bethbuford via Instagram

Make it obvious that you’ve caught the travel bug! Use a bunch of maps to cover a shirt or create a skirt, then top it off with pipe cleaner antennae, and everyone will know that you’re always ready for your next adventure.

Amazing Race Contestants

Photo by @rolltidehank / via Instagram
Photo by @rolltidehank via Instagram

If you’ve dreamed of being on The Amazing Race, this is your chance to make it happen! Grab a partner, throw on matching athletic clothes, lace up your hiking boots or running shoes, and you’re ready to compete for Halloween candy! Accessorize with a clue envelope and a map, and make sure you bring your passport because you can’t make it to the next pit stop – or Halloween party – without it.

Open Road

Photo by Daniel D'Auria / Flickr
Photo by Daniel D’Auria / Flickr

Always ready for a road trip? All you need for a Halloween costume that showcases your love of the open road is a black or gray sweatshirt, some yellow or white tape to create lane lines, and a toy car to head down the highway to anywhere.

Where’s Waldo?

Photo by ashybaby_ via Instagram
Photo by @ashybaby_ via Instagram

If your friends never know where to find you because you’re always traveling, this is the perfect costume! A red and white shirt instantly transforms you into Waldo when you complete the outfit with a pair of jeans, a red and white striped hat and thick black glasses. When you head out on Halloween, everyone will know exactly where you are!

Now that you have a different identity for Halloween, try on a a different city, too! Book a ticket on Wanderu and show off your love of travel by taking your Halloween costume on a trip to somewhere new!

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