All the Places You Can Visit from Los Angeles for Less Than $20

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Cheap bus and train travel from Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles is close to many amazing cities you can visit in California. Best of all, you can save a lot of cash if you travel by bus or train. We searched for the best deals and found 28 destinations you can explore for cheap from the City of Angels.

For less than $20, you can easily hop from LA to hotspots like San Diego to visit their famous zoo, or Anaheim for a fun Disneyland adventure. You can even wander up to Las Vegas for as low as $1 and spend your hard-earned money to see some of the world-famous performers who have shows there.

While San Francisco is not on this list because the cheapest average fare to get there from LA is over $20, it’s still a destination for which you can score $1 bus tickets if you book in advance.

If you want to expand your trip beyond California, check out our Explore search tool for cheap bus and train trips based on your location and budget.

What is Cheapest Average Fare?

The cheapest average fare is the average amount of all of the cheapest bus or train fares available on Wanderu for a certain route over a 30-day period.

Bus and train carriers utilize what is known as dynamic pricing to determine ticket prices. That means that when a specific trip goes on sale (usually within four to six weeks prior to the trip date), tickets for that particular bus or train start at a certain low price and then get more expensive the more tickets are sold for that trip.

The cheapest average fare may vary according to availability and carrier changes.

How to score the $1 deals

For certain routes, some bus carriers offer a starting ticket price of $1. That’s usually the price for the first couple of bookings for a bus that was just released for sale. Therefore, the earlier you book your trip, the higher chance you have of scoring a $1 deal.

However, if a bus sells out and the carrier decides to add another bus for the same date and time to meet the high demand, then the pricing cycle is reset, giving you the chance to score a $1 ticket at the last minute.

At Wanderu, we always bring you the best available deals out there and we’ve got even more tips to help you score really cheap bus tickets.


Route $1 Deals? Cheapest
Avg. Fare
Train Los Angeles to Anaheim $18.64
Train Los Angeles to Cabazon $17.00
Train Los Angeles to Camarillo $17.35
Train Los Angeles to Chatsworth $7.20
Bus Los Angeles to El Segundo $19.00
Bus Los Angeles to Fontana $18.00
Train Los Angeles to Fullerton $18.12
Bus Los Angeles to La Quinta $20.00
Bus Los Angeles to Lamont $20.00
Bus Los Angeles to Long Beach $11.69
Train Los Angeles to Moorpark $16.65
Train Los Angeles to Ontario $11.00
Train Los Angeles to Palm Desert $20.00
Train Los Angeles to Pomona $11.00
Train Los Angeles to Riverside $18.44
Bus Los Angeles to San Bruno $13.00
Bus Los Angeles to San Diego $15.66
Train Los Angeles to San Pedro $17.00
Train Los Angeles to Simi Valley $13.90
Train Los Angeles to Torrance $19.00
Bus Los Angeles to Victorville $20.00
Train Los Angeles to Wasco $15.00
Train Los Angeles to Westchester $17.50


Route $1 Deals? Cheapest
Avg. Fare
Bus Los Angeles to Las Vegas X $19.22

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