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Bryn Culbert

Bryn Culbert

A planner at heart, Bryn loves nothing more than researching and creating a detailed travel itinerary. She is partial to quirky museums, hole-in-the-wall coffeeshops, and overstuffed bookstores in the cities she visits.
A blue bus is parked on the street lined with orange trees

Ranking Bus & Train Carriers’ Cancellation Policies from Most to Least Flexible

We’ve all had to embrace uncertainty recently. So if your travel plans could change, reference this guide to see which carriers have more flexible cancellation policies.

Miami International Airport

How to Get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport by Bus or Train

Schedules, prices, and everything else you need to know to get from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Airport.


Crossing the U.S. ‹› Canada Border by Bus or Train: COVID-19 Requirements

Bus service across the U.S.-Canada border will resume as vaccinated travelers can now enter both countries. We break down the COVID-19-related requirements for non-essential travel across the border.

A VIA Rail train pulls into the station with mountains in the background

How to Cancel or Change a VIA Rail Ticket

We break down VIA Rail’s cancellation policies and share everything you need to know about rescheduling or canceling your train ticket. Because sometimes cancel culture is a good thing.

An Amtrak train pulls into the station during a snowstorm

How to Cancel or Change an Amtrak Ticket

Life happens, and your travel plans can get derailed. We’ve outlined all the information you need to know to cancel or reschedule your Amtrak trip.


How to Travel with Your Bicycle by Bus or Train

We’ve gathered all the intel you need for traveling with a bike on a bus or train. In most cases, it just takes a bit of planning ahead.


What Kind of ID You Need to Travel by Bus or Train

We break down everything you need to know about the kind of ID to bring when setting off on your next bus or train adventure.

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