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6 Must-Visit Vampire Destinations to Sink Your Teeth Into

As Halloween creeps up on us, you’re probably wondering where to go for some real-life spooky experiences. Lucky for you, we looked around the country to find 6 famous vampire-related locations that will provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Halloween weekend.

Austin, TX – Bat Bridge

Photo by Eric (edited) / Flickr

If the sound of bat wings flapping sends shivers down your spine, get ready for goosebumps at the Congress Ave Bridge in Austin, TX.

Living under the bridge is the largest bat colony in America, made up of female bats and their babies. Every night from March through November, the bats take flight. So head down to see them for Halloween! And, who knows, maybe some of the bats are vampires in disguise, so look closely…

How to get there: Book a bat trip to Austin from Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and beyond!

New Orleans, LA – Vampires Everywhere!

New Orleans always seems to be the place to be for all things spooky, and vampires are no exception! One of only three true vampire shops in the world, Boutique du Vampyre, is located in the French Quarter.

The city is also home to many places familiar to any fan of Interview with a Vampire. Author Anne Rice used to live in the Garden District, and Commander’s Palace and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 are both settings from her books.

And on Halloween, the full-blown masquerade of the Endless Night Vampire Ball is happening at the House of Blues, which is part of the reason New Orleans one of the best places to celebrate Halloween!

How to get there: Sink your teeth into all things vampire in New Orleans with a trip from DallasHoustonAtlanta and countless other cities around the country!

Philadelphia, PA – The Best City to Be a Vampire

Photo by Michael Righi / Flickr

Named the best city to be a vampire in 2014 by Redfin, Philly is a place where you never know who might be hiding from the light – and hiding fangs!

The honor was bestowed upon Philly thanks to its high rate of cloudy days, number of blood drives, and how late the bars stay open! Though the first two reasons might not interest you, the last one certainly is a great reason to check out the City of Brotherly Love!

Photo by Ben Ferenchak / Flickr

You can also take a tour led by Grim Philly to find out the history of vampires in the city, under the cloudy skies that make a vampire feel at home.

How to get there: Go for a ride from New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and more!

Los Angeles, CA – Vampire Lairs, Hollywood-Style

Photo by evdropkick / Flickr

For a Hollywood take on vampires, you obviously need to make a visit to Los Angeles. The Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House was home to Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Torrance High School was the stand-in for Sunnyvale High.

True Blood enthusiasts will want to check out Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, aka Fangtasia. Then sip some blood – or wine, if you prefer – at a real vampire bar, the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room in Beverly Hills.

How to get there: Seek out the famous vampires in LA from San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and all around the country!

Exeter, RI – The Last Vampire in New England

Back in the 1800s, witches were not the only thing that caused a fright in New England. There was widespread paranoia about vampires, especially in Rhode Island. While vampires no longer live there, you can visit the grave of the last accused vampire, Mercy Brown.  After her death, Mercy was exhumed because villagers believed that she was a vampire and responsible for the deaths of the rest of her family, even though the true cause was tuberculosis.

Located in the cemetery of the First Baptist Church of Exeter, Mercy’s grave has become a popular place for anyone interested in vampire history.

How to get there: Find Mercy’s final resting place with a ticket to Warwick, RI from around the Northeast, then hop on a local bus to vampire country!

Atlanta, GA – A Haunted Nightclub That Hosts Vampires

Photo by kenji ross (edited) / Flickr

If you head to Atlanta, you might be able to dance until dawn with real vampires hiding from the sunlight. The Masquerade is a music venue in the former Dupre Excelsior Mill, and it plays up its haunted history with the names of its three levels – Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Rumors fly that real vampires love to show up and even live there, so you should head down there to confirm it!

For a bonus vampire spotting, just outside the city, you will find plenty of fangs in Covington, GA, or, ahem, Mystic Falls, Virginia, where The Vampire Diaries is filmed.

How to get there: Atlanta is easily accessible from Nashville, New Orleans, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and other places, too!

Pack some garlic and head to one of these vampire haunts this Halloween!

Be sure to come back to Wanderu and book your trip to many other fun destinations for Halloween!

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